Friday, July 20, 2012

Aliens Do Communicate with Man, UFO Disclosure

Do Some UFOs Communicate With Us?

It does appear that some UFOs communicate with people. What I really mean to say is that some intelligent life forms, aliens if you will, traveling in craft actually communicate with some people. This communication seems to take the form of an acknowledgement, most often by emitting a bright flash (see videos).

What would be the purpose of such an acknowledgement from extraterrestrial beings. The most likely answer that springs to mind is to simply say, we are here, we acknowledge you, be patient, we will make our presence known.  In a very odd sort of way this is probably the clearest and truest form of disclosure that we could ask for. 

We have all gotten conditioned to believe that only government can provide us with full and honest disclosure that we often overlook the very real possibility that disclosure might come from extraterrestrial beings. After all the quickest way for disclosure to happen is for the occupants of a space vehicle to land earth and identify themselves. We can only guess as to what their motivation might be, hopefully it will be something along the lines that it is now time for humans to join the great community in the universe. 

UFO/Alien disclosure could happen any day, at anytime and without advance notice. It is entirely possible that disclosure could occur and government would be left completely out of the loop.

Maybe we should start to change our thought process on how UFO disclosure should or could occur. Maybe it is time to turn our eyes more towards the heavens and less toward the government to gain access to the truth.

Millions of people look to the sky in hopes of catching a glimpse of a UFO, but not many look to the sky with the thought of communicating with the occupants of UFOs. Maybe we should change the way we expect UFO/ET disclosure to happen.
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