Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Crop Circle Challenge, Are You Ready to Claim £100.000 ($100.578) for 6 Hrs of Work

I was not aware of the Crop Circle Challenge until just the other day, all you have to do is replicate 'The Galaxy' crop circle in six hours and the money is yours. All kidding aside I would love to see someone take up this challenge, if it could be pulled  off we would have a definitive answer on whether or not Crop Circles are real. As I see it crop circles follow along the same lines as Ufology, there is a tremendous amount of misinformation, deception and false information laced in with a good deal of the truth. It makes it very hard to decipher fact from fiction. There is no doubt that some crop circles are man made and at the same time many crop circles defy logic, defy mathematics and even seem to defy the laws of nature and physics.

The crop circle challenge has another month to run (Through Friday Aug 31. 2012), to my knowledge there have been no entrants. If you are up for the challenge check out the links below for more information. 


For one of the best sites on crop circles visit 

Here is a summary of the challenge and for all the details click here.

We are offering £100.000 (one hundred thousand pounds) to anyone who can create the replica of a crop circle called “The Galaxy” that was reported on 12 of August 2001 at Milk Hill, Alton Barnes, in Wiltshire (see the photo beneath). 

For the crop circle to be recognized as a “winner” and the prize money to be awarded, certain conditions will have to be met. The challenger must agree to these terms and conditions described below, print them out, sign them as the intention to comply, and email them back. This will serve as proof of their serious intent to take up the challenge as their signed email will be published and made public on http://www.cropcirclechallenge.co.uk/contest.html#Update1.

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