Monday, July 30, 2012

Air Force Claims to be Source of Cloud Rings Over Hawaii.......Maybe

The Air Force has provided an explanation for the mysterious cloud rings over Hawaii, many people don't think so! 

July , 2012 – HONOLULU - Hawaii News Now’s Facebook page was flooded Thursday afternoon with photos of mysterious looking clouds. The ‘rings’ were spotted above Oahu, Maui and Lanai. They looked like the common contrail or vapor trail that forms behind aircraft; however these ‘trails’ were circular and do not match the normal Hawaii flight patterns. Some wondered if they were part of the RIMPAC exercises or even a UFO?

Here is the official statement from RIMPAC: “RIMPAC’s Air Forces had a NATO AWACS aircraft flying south of Oahu, in a circular pattern; at about 29,000 feet today during the time those contrails were visible. The AWACS was controlling RIMPAC assets exercising further away from the island.” –HNN

It should be noted that many people commented that given the temp and humidity conditions this explanation does not make a lot of sense. Also air over the ocean is usually in a constant state of movement and this "cloud formation" stayed in place for a very long time. Most importantly, no one seems to have seen the AWAC circling over the ocean. Your guess is as good as mine, maybe HAARP or some other unnatural phenomena. 
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