Friday, July 27, 2012

UFO Crash in East Texas, Dead Aliens, 1941

Woman Tells Family Story About Aliens That Died in a UFO Crash - 1941

I came across this video while doing some research, found it intriguing (although a bit bizarre) and thought you many find it interesting.  

I always find a story like this somewhat amazing. What would someone like this gain from coming forward with their family story. There is no book, no fame and to my knowledge no money involved. There are only two things that could possibly come out of this family story, vindication that your family history and story was true and second, ridicule from the public. 

I would not consider a five minute segment on a local news channel fifteen minutes of fame, if anything it might be a lifetime of shame. So why bother. It is a bit like many people that see a UFO, they feel an immediate need to convince others that the UFO phenomena is real. So, my guess is that this woman truly believes her family story and feels a need to share it with the public. Keep in mind the photo of 'aliens' shown in this video is a something the TV station put together for this segment. Apparently the real photo was borrowed and never returned.

UFO Crash 1941, Aliens, Military, Alien Technology, Video
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