Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Humanoids at a Hotel, MIB, Intriguing Stories from Recent MoD Files

Thirty-five years ago in Wales, a hotel owner saw a dome-shaped object land in a nearby field, where two "faceless humanoids" climbed out wearing shiny spacesuits and began taking measurements.

The Royal Air Force sent an officer to make discreet inquiries in the area, after which he typed up a 17-page report, stamped it "classified" and filed it away with all the other UFO cases.

Distracted by all the hoopla over the Olympics coming to London, people haven't been paying much attention to the other news out of Britain this month.

The Ministry of Defense released more than 6,700 pages of formerly top-secret files, detailing hundreds of UFO sightings.

Most of them, frankly, seem rather harmless, with blinking lights in the forest or yellow streaks across the night sky.

Men in black: But some cases are worth looking into - for entertainment value, if nothing else.

For example, page 471 of File No. DEFE24/2089/1.

After reporting a UFO encounter to local police, a man in Lincolnshire received a late-night visit from three tall men, dressed in identical black suits.

Witnesses reported that the men arrived in a dark Jaguar, broke through the back door and had a long, closed-door conversation with their friend, after which he didn't remember seeing the UFO anymore.

And he didn't remember the men in black, either.

The files generally make no judgment on the truthfulness or accuracy of the UFO sightings.

They simply tell the stories with bureaucratic efficiency - noting the time of day, weather conditions, direction of flight and so forth.

When the Ministry of Defense established the special UFO Desk in 1950, in the early days of the Cold War, officials never really expected to find extraterrestrials.

They were more concerned about Soviet bombers and spy planes, according to the files.

Investigators were supposed to find out if the sightings were "of any significance to air defense systems."

But they didn't always take the job seriously.

Secret is out: In 1982, case officers looked into reports of a UFO following the British fleet on its way to recapture the Falkland Islands from Argentina.

And they reported back to headquarters that the culprits were "presumably Little Green Men in ponchos."

In a memo dated 1995 and classified "UK eyes only," an intelligence official confirmed that he had "no hard evidence" of aliens coming to Earth.
At least, not to the British Commonwealth, which covers a pretty big chunk of the planet.

After 50 years of spending taxpayer money, the Defense Ministry determined in December 2000 that not one single alleged sighting had ever been remotely relevant to national defense.

But it took another nine years and a worldwide economic crisis before Her Majesty's government pulled funding for the UFO Desk and shut it down in 2009.

Now, if you ever run into faceless humanoids while vacationing in Wales, call the local constable. The RAF apparently has other priorities.

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