Tuesday, June 12, 2012

UFOs in Reality, They Are Predictable and Follow Rules

UFOs in Reality

Roy Duton is a retired professional aerospace engineer who has researched strange aerial craft. Roy, who lives in Watcombe Park, began studying unexplained aircraft sightings in the 1960s. He says that with his professional knowledge of aircraft and spacecraft he quickly established the craft described by witnesses were not made by man. He says his analytical studies eventually led him to discover the craft were following established rules of engagement with the Earth, so their activities could be anticipated, even predicted.These discoveries became encapsulated in an astronautical theory for UFO events, featured in his book UFOs in Reality.

This book is the serious work of a professional aerospace engineer. It shares profound discoveries made during 40+ years of objective research, about the nature of UFOs, especially those with craft-like characteristics. It covers virtually all aspects of the phenomenon, including those stories of close encounters with alien creatures and of time-loss and claimed abductions by the witnesses. Within these pages you will discover that genuine sightings and encounters are shown to have been in accordance with (now identified) ages-old programmes, referencing the sun and selected stars. 

This predictable system seems to have been set up, aeons ago, to facilitate long-term monitoring of our species by fully automated craft, some of which could be operating routinely, without occupants, from the outer fringes of our solar system. The technology being used is currently beyond us --- but why should we expect it to be otherwise? It is revealed that several alien species seem to be co-operating and generally following the same rules of engagement with this planet. 

The UFO phenomenon is now shown to be a serious matter, requiring the full attention of scientists and, indeed, of everyone living on this planet. This book demonstrates that we humans seem to live in a wider reality than we are programmed, naturally, to experience from birth. The visiting craft seem to operate in that wider reality and have the ability to open the minds of selected individuals, enabling those people to share that enhanced state of consciousness with them. Why not judge that for yourself after you have considered the testable evidence now being revealed by this mind-expanding book? Herein you will discover facts that, almost certainly, have been withheld by official investigators since the end of WWII.
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