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UFO Sighting, Same Night as UFO Conference, Photo

UFO Makes an Appearance the Night Of UFO Conference

June 23, 2012, was an out-of-this-world evening at Toronto's UFO Conference, hosted by George Noory of "Coast to Coast" on AM640, was attended by hundreds of people from all walks of life, as interest in the fascinating subject of UFOs skyrockets. I was invited to attend Conspiracy Culture's Special Event by a gentleman from MUFON who had commented on one of my UFO articles, and with whom I had numerous conversations on Facebook and over the telephone regarding his own experiences with UFO's. Wearing my reporter's hat, but also with the wide-eyed enthusiasm of a novice, I had been anticipating this event for weeks, and was excited to learn more about the truth that is "out there."

UFO in the night sky - the north wing
Michael Cremo and Stanton T. Friedman, both renowned authors and specialists on the subject of UFOlogy, turned out to be down-to-earth, brilliant, and fascinating speakers, however for me the most enjoyable part was when at the end of their sessions they answered questions from audience members. The most striking aspect of the evening was the fact that hundreds of apparently "normal" people were talking on this once scoffed-at subject without apology.

The general feeling in the auditorium, as evidenced by the speakers and the questioners, was that we all know perfectly well that the extraterrestrial visitors are here visiting planet Earth. The question is, "When will this be revealed to us in full?" Disclosure - the grand reveal - was the hottest topic of the night, with great emphasis on the role of governments in suppressing this vital information.

Indeed, Stanton T. Friedman, as the original civilian investigator of the Roswell Incident who is privy to a great deal of information regarding the legendary cover-up of that incident, wrote about this subject in detail in his book "Top Secret/Majic," regarding the Majestic 12 group which was established in 1947 to deal with alien technology.

After the lectures and discussion period the authors signed books for fans, and a long line-up of excited enthusiasts waited patiently to take their turn to chat with these pioneers of the field. Many of us gathered outside to enjoy the balmy evening breeze and to mingle. I met some fascinating folk, including an astrologer, a Russian orthodox priest, and a woman who was very concerned about chemtrails.

While we were there, we laughingly spoke of how great it would be to have a visit from a UFO while this group was gathered. A discussion regarding the possibility of summoning a UFO followed, and I remember exclaiming to the skies, "Come on up there - please give us a fly-over!"

On the way home my friend Michael told me more of his theory - one that he and I have discussed before - regarding the appearance of UFO's, and whether or not we had the ability to "call" one. He has had numerous experiences that have led him to this possibility, and I told him of two gentlemen I had seen on YouTube who can do just that. We hypothesized that since the extra-terrestrial people could have the ability to read our minds, possibly they might appear to people who ask them to.

Having recently been witness to many strange objects flying about the skies over my house of late, I was excited to get up north to my house far out of the city lights, where we might be graced with the sight of one of those strange "light orbs" I had been seeing flying around of late.

I led Michael to the middle of my large backyard, and turned and faced the house. I had told him and my Facebook group friends all about the lights in the sky I had been seeing. One of the tendencies we have as humans is to doubt anything unless we witnessed it ourselves, and so of course I knew that Michael, especially as he is with MUFON and approaches everything with a more scientific eye than some, would most likely regard this proliferation of sightings I was describing with some skepticism. For all he knew, I was prone to exaggeration.

I was hoping very much something would appear that night.

I pointed up to the sky expansively, my hand towards the Western night sky, where a sprinkling of stars were visible through dissipating clouds.

"Look up" I announced with more confidence than I actually felt. "I guarantee within five minutes you'll see something!"

I looked at Michael and smiled, feeling a little sheepish, thinking great now nothing will happen.

Then suddenly, in my peripheral vision I saw a flash, saw it reflected in his eyes from the sky in the West where he was still looking, saw the expression change on his face.

He pointed up to where I had just pointed and exclaimed. "Look!"

There was something up there. Something big. The flash was over, but I saw the tail end of it.

Then came another one. A bright, blinding flash.

Lasted about four seconds from beginning to end, as had the first, even bigger one.

This time I saw it full on, and it looked as though something large and circular was blocking a part of it.

A smattering of smaller flashes from the general though something was now moving away from us? We looked at each other stunned. Incredulous.

"I should have said within five seconds not minutes, I guess!" I laughed.

Michael filed the formal report to MUFON this week.

We plan on conducting further research and investigation into this phenomena in the upcoming weeks.

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