Saturday, June 9, 2012

Spirals Seen Over Middle East, Russia 2012 Videos

UFOs / Spirals Seen in The Middle East and Russia: Videos

I am not sure why every time a spiral is seen in the sky it is attributed to a Russian missile that has exploded or otherwise been a dismal failure. The Russians have perfected missile technology, they have consistently put cosmonauts and astronauts in space, there should be no reason for failure on such a massive scale. I suppose it could be conceivable that they are experimenting with some sort of new technology and that could be the reason for the multiple failures but that is highly unlikely.

Spirals have been found in petroglyphs, in ancient carvings, crop circles and recently on the surface of Mars. They seem to have some sort of meaning that modern man has yet to decipher. Many are saying that they are some type of gateway or stargate, that seems a bit far fetched but they have been around since man has been on earth and these sightings are not new to mankind! 

Spiral Over Armenia

Spiral Over Iran

Spiral Over Lebanon

Spiral Over Russia

It could be perfectly plausible that the Russians are having difficulty getting their missiles to work properly but the spirals have been seen in the sky for the past seven or eight years now and each time the mainstream media tells us that it is a malfunctioning Russian missile. This pretty much puts a stop to all the discussion and speculation but spirals are certainly not new. They have been seen in the sky for thousands of years and recorded by earliest man. 
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