Friday, June 29, 2012

New UFO Series 'Chasing UFOs' Starts Tonight June 29, 2012

National Geographic Goes Chasing UFOs June 29, 2012

A reminder that the new National Geographic Series Starts tonight! June 29, 2012

Posted by Alejandro Rojas 
UFOs and extraterrestrials are a hot topic when it comes to movies and television, and National Geographic is getting into the action with its new show starting this Friday titled, Chasing UFOs. The premise of the show is a group of three investigators traveling the world, chasing down juicy UFO stories in a quest to determine whether there is some truth to the cases and better yet, to film a UFO themselves. I had an opportunity to meet the group and join them for some UFO chasing in Arizona.
James Fox
James Fox (Image Credit: National Geographic)
The team members include a UFO researcher, a skeptic scientist and an adventurer. The UFO researcher, James Fox, has directed and produced two landmark UFO documentaries, Out of the Blueand I Know What I Saw, the later aired on the History Channel in 2009. You may also recognize him from a couple of UFO panels on the Larry King Show. James is a great researcher; in fact he is responsible for the Ex-Governor of Arizona, Fyfe Symington, revealing that he had seen the UFO during the famous Phoenix Lights sightings in 1997. Symington said that he saw a huge triangular craft which, as an ex-Air Force pilot, he believed was beyond human technology. I was able to brainstorm with James during the pre-production on some cases which might be good forChasing UFOs to check into.
Ben McGee
Ben McGee (Image Credit: National Geographic)
Ben McGee is the skeptic scientist, who says he is now more open to the idea that UFOs may pose a real mystery. Ben is the founder and lead scientist ofAstrowright Spaceflight Consulting, LLC, and an aspiring astronaut. Incidentally, he will be speaking on commercial spaceflight, obstacles to interstellar travel and the possibility of extraterrestrial life at my Cosmic Exploration Conference in Las Vegas in October. Go register now so you can hear his fascinating talk and meet him.
Erin Ryder
Erin Ryder (Image Credit: National Geographic)
James and Ben are great, I really like these guys, but I find myself admiring the promo photo of adventurer and athlete, Erin Ryder, the most. Don’t get me wrong, she is not just your token pretty co-host, she is actually an executive producer of the show, and incredibly accomplished. She has traveled the world climbing mountains, scaling glaciers, and doing a lot of other stuff I would probably end up hurting myself if I tried. You may recognize her from SyFy’sDestination Truth. I can attest to her athleticism. We chose a hill top as a base camp for our night sky watch and I was astounded to see her run up and down the hill several times with loads of heavy equipment.
All of these guys were a lot of fun to hang out with, and I am really excited to see the show is finally airing. I have obviously been eagerly awaiting its big premiere. With such an amazing crew, I can’t imagine how the show can be anything short of spectacular.

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