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Baltic Sea UFO Update, Frightening and Strange, June 27, 2012

Baltic Sea UFO - Stranger than Fiction

Updated June 30, 2012

The latest information that we have is that the OceanX Team will be making a third expedition to the site of the anomaly in two weeks (probably around 9-14 July). They are hoping to get some definitive answers but they are also hoping to rule out some possible explanations. Another key aspect of this new expedition will be to take as many samples as possible for further review, investigation and study. 

The anomaly is turning out to be something much more complex than originally thought, it has walls, hard cut right angles with a hallway and what appears to be a staircase, the dome top is smooth. As you will see from Dennis's description below the object was "frightening".

Crew of  OceanX 
"Frightening or Like a Science Fiction Film" 
“We arrived there twice, and the question mark has become so much bigger now, “says Dennis Åsberg. The area is a completely circular plate with 180 metres in circumference, and therefore believed that it was the first traces of a meteor.”“But there are 1,500-metre track in bed until the subject matter-and they have also discovered right angles, walls with absolutely smooth surfaces and cavities-like corridors inside the object. When we went out and saw the walls which were straight and smooth, it was frightening, as in a science-fiction film, “says Dennis Åsberg on Ocean x-team as soon exploring the unknown object again.“
Dennis Åsberg added this additional information - June 29, 2012
What do I know!
1 The fact that we have found something unique.
2 That it is a round circle.
3 that it has 90 degree angles and sides.
4 That something was very hot down there.

The team has made radio and TV appearances where they have described the dome to be similar to concrete in both form and texture.  They are not sure if the structure is one piece or several pieces, the dome is clearly resting on top of what can only be described as a pillar which is a bit shy of 200 feet thick.
Here is Peter Lindberg's Live Interview with Kevin Smith.

Stone Circles or “Fireplaces”

During the dive, the team swam slowly over the top of the object looking down where they encountered the first of many strange sights. Stone circles, like “fireplaces”, of hard black “almost petrified” burnt looking stone each a few inches in diameter, like 4 or 5 pearls in a necklace in various arrangements on top of the dome some 12 meters high off the seabed. The stones appear to be arranged in definite circular shapes, so there is no possibility of this being done through any natural process of weathering or even glaciation.

Stefan Hogeborn, 47, is a veteran of 6000 dives spanning his 20 year career and is one of the expert divers who was completely mesmerized by what he saw.

“Normally stones don’t burn,” Hogeborn said. “I can’t explain what we saw, and I went down there to answer questions, but I came up with even more questions,” he added.

The Hole

Also visible and shown in some of the released video footage is a strange hole (pictured above) in the top of the object. The hole is described to be approx 25 cm (10 inches) in diameter. Where it leads to or exactly what it’s purpose is is yet unknown. It is thought that this feature will be investigated further when the team return to the site again in 2 weeks time.

Runway or Downhill Path

In the initial sonar imagery there appeared to be 3000 feet, 1000 meter of what looked like like skid marks or a disturbed seafloor area leading to the object. According to the dive team what it now looks like to them is what can only be described as a “runway” or “downhill path” that is flattened at the seabed with the object at the end of it. Peter Lindberg describes this feature of the site as a ridge raising slowly up from the bottom to a height of approx 24 feet, 8 meters above the bottom. He also believes that this ridge is made of softer material than the pillar and the dome.

Electrical and Satellite Disturbance 
The video below has been around for a couple of days but it does the best job explaining the electrical and satellite complications that the team experienced as the got closer to the object and particularly when they passed over the object. Even the video camera started showing an error message as they moved in on the object!  The fact that the equipment returned to normal as they moved further away is a very strong indication that this was not coincidental. This strange occurrence makes many believe that it has some type of extraterrestrial origin. While it is only speculation it could have some type of connection to the earth's magnetic field and this would be responsible for the disruptions.
“The diver restarted the camera several times and finally it seemed to work. So they filmed their dive but nothing was on the tape when watching it afterwards. The only problem we had with the ROV was that we constantly had to restart the sonar. Finally it did not work and we continued with just the video camera. When we left the circle we went to a wreck and spent like 35 hour of ROV flying on the wreck and the sonar worked all the time. "Magnetic disturbances, well you tell me!"
“We looked at our dive computer, the deep sea diver computer, and it said minus one degree that’s pretty cold for a diver it should really be impossible to have that cold water it actually turns into ice at zero degrees but that could be explained by the movement of the water.” – Stefan Hogeborn, Professional Diver

A poster on Facebook made the following observation
The electrical and particularly the satellite disturbances are indicative of internal technology far superior than anything humans have employed (if it turns out to be true). There is no known technology that can knock out satellite transmissions THROUGH WATER, to the best of my knowledge. Since the team claims to have noted the disturbances waning as they moved away and returning when theyare approached, it's unlikely to be a simple coincidence. Since this became known, I'm actually starting to lean towards extraterrestrial technology instead of my previous assumption that it may have been an ancient man-made relic.
Remote Viewers Have Had a Shot at an Explanation

 The Remote Viewer described the anomaly as the same feeling as 
“very large” , “light grey”, “looks like cement colour”, “like a dam – but it’s not a dam, but it reminds me of a dam, just that it’s so big, massive and huge, going down whenever you stood and you look down on it, on a dam and I can see how it just moves down away from me”.

Worth another look
If you had given up on OceanX's Teams facebook page due to the amount of childish nonsense, porn and simply stupid comments I am happy report that "some sanity" has returned to the discussion. It is worth a second look.

Stranger than a UFO (Speculation)
If you check out the OceanX Teams Facebook Page you will see the theories speculating as to what this object could be are all over the map. A few of the more popular suggestions have been:
1.  Temple
2. Weapon
3. UFO
4. Prehistoric Rituals Location
5. Remnants of a Lost Civilization
6. Underwater Bunkers
7. Downed Foo Fighter UFO From WWII

Here is one of the stranger pictures associated with the Baltic Sea Anomaly!

Peter Lindberg Sums it up best
“I can not reveal the truth before I have all the facts. Till then everything is pure speculations, even from my side. I have not thought about if it can be hollowed, I have not even penetrated the surface yet…”“We still have some months before it is too late going out to the site. But as it looks like now it will be last expedition for us. I think a real scientific team should take over and make a real scientific expedition to the area. After all, we are just wreck hunters who’s trying to find out what we a have discovered.”

OceanX Teams Website
OceanX Teams Facebook Page

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