Monday, June 11, 2012

Baltic Sea UFO Search, Accusation of a Publicity Stunt?

Website Accuses OceanX Team of Publicity Stunt in the Search For The Baltic Sea UFO

The purpose of this post is simply to give you a heads up on the search for the Baltic Sea UFO. One conspiracy site is saying that they found evidence on the OceanX website that this is nothing more than a publicity stunt to raise money for other profitable projects.

I would imagine that this will be headlines on all the internet sites by late tomorrow that cover such events. It is most unfortunate because there is no proof whatsoever that this is a scam or simply a publicity stunt. 

Peter Lindberg and his crew have a right to get as much publicity for this search as they can, they actually have an obligation to their investors and their company to do just that. They also have a right to raise money for this search and other searches they will conduct in the future. As a matter of fact it would be highly unusual for them not to profit or publicize this event.  
Here is the accusation being made.
June 10, 2012 - Someone slipped up when uploading private documents to the Ocean X Team website. This source learned today that a simple Google search reveals documents stored on the team’s website that strongly suggest that the Baltic Sea anomaly is nothing more than a publicity stunt to raise money (presumably for the treasure hunters’ other projects).
This is a translated paragraph from a Word document located on the Ocean X Team website that Google has indexed and cached:
The Ocean X Team will do their utmost to create publicity for the Circle project and thus attracting considerable and valuable media attention, which can be used in advertising. So far, about 700 million viewers around the world have been reached through news broadcasts, Internet-based news outlets not included.
The document further suggests that the team’s main interest in the anomaly is monetary compensation:
Is the circle something that can be salvaged and which contains monetary value? If the circle is a natural resource, the OX team can not guarantee monetary compensation as it’s located within an economic zone.
Again, this information can be obtained through a simple Google search. Click the link below and see the last two Google search results on page 9. The PDF document indexed by Google contains the team’s budget calculations, and is in English:

The site that is reporting this is familiar with publicity stunts, a short time ago they shut down their website for some upgrades, when you entered their URL you were led to believe that the government had shut the site down. They later admitted that it was a "stunt". 

In the event that it does turn out to be a scam we will report it with the facts. We will check into the story and keep you advised as to the truth as it unfolds! Expect another update late Monday June 11, 2012

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