Thursday, May 24, 2012

US Airways Near Miss, Alarming Second UFO Incident, Video

Two Close Calls Within Two Weeks of Each Other 

A USAir pilot told authorities yesterday that he saw a "puff" and a "trail of smoke" going past his airplane. Local police and the FBI have been investigating but they have either not found anything or they are not releasing information.  

There was another extremely similar incident in Denver on May 16, 2012 that authorities also investigated but released no information. You can read about it here, and watch the video below. 

These two very similar cases fit the classic definition of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO) but not likely of the extraterrestrial family. To say that this is worrisome is a bit of an understatement as we head into the holiday weekend. 

Both cases made local news but the national news media seems to be turning a blind eye to both events. 

Near Miss in Philadelphia May 22, 2012

Near Miss in Denver May 16, 2012

UFO in Philly and Denver, Near Miss, Another Close UFO Call within Two Weeks
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