Wednesday, May 30, 2012

UFOs in Perth, Video Compiliation

Perth saw a UFO, but will anybody believe them?

  • Have keen-eyed residents gathered UFO proof ?
  • Video 'evidence' has surfaced on the internet
  • See it all for yourself in the video below

Is it Perth paranoia or an earnest quest for the truth?

Videographers are denying everything in an effort to get to the bottom of the eternal question - are we alone?

The X-Filers are posting several videos on YouTube of recent UFOs in Perth's skies.

Watch our mash-up in the video above

But is this reality or just a bunch of Fox Mulders munching on too many sunflower seeds?

One at 5am is shot from a busy freeway and shows a dark shadow hovering before scattering across the sky.

Another during sunset seems to be a bird flying - before it inexplicably drops and darts across the sky at superman-like speed.


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