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Top 15 Well Know Alien Abduction Stories, Video

15 Well Know Abduction Stories

Here is a video (2 min) and and a short synopsis of 15 fairly well known abduction stories, as with all abduction reports you have to consider the source but a few of these are hard to deny. 

Antonio Villas Boas

The extraterrestrial abduction of this Brazilian farmer in 1957 is believed to be one of the first ever reported worldwide. Villas Boas claims to have been forcibly taken on board an egg-shaped UFO before having a very close encounter with a naked female entity, described as humanoid, with long white hair and blue cat eyes. Villas Boas died in 1992, never having retracted his story.

Betty and Barney Hill

This story helped kick off longtime fascination with alien abduction. Under regression hypnosis, a common technique for uncovering the truth of abductions, researchers probed into a period of so-called "missing time" that followed the Hills having sighted a UFO in September 1961. After being kidnapped and taken onto a disc-shaped craft, Betty Hill says she was shown a "star map" with trade routes marked that included our own sun. Some UFO experts believe this shows the aliens' home planet lies in the double star system of Zeta Reticuli.

Betty Andreasson

Betty Andreasson claims she was abducted by aliens and taken onto a spaceship on a January night in 1957. During her time aboard, the rest of her family were put into a state of suspended animation. Like many abduction stories, Betty's account involves aliens who were able to communicate via telepathy and who subjected her to some form of test. Andreasson says the aliens wore blue uniforms with a logo of a bird on the sleeves

Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker

This famous case from October 1973 involved two co-workers who were fishing on the Pascagoula River in Mississippi. They claim they were levitated onto a spaceship. There they were subjected to some form of medical examination by humanoid creatures with claws like a lobster on the end of their arms. Later, they reported their experience to the local police, who thought the men seemed sincere and genuinely frightened.

Charles L. Moody

Moody was an Air Force Sergeant who was in the New Mexico desert one night in August 1975, watching a meteor shower. He says he saw a glowing UFO heading towards him. He tried to escape in his car, but it failed to start. His next recollection was the UFO flying away. When he got home, the time was much later than it should have been. He subsequently recalled being paralyzed, taken on board the UFO, and given a tour of the ship by his captors

Travis Walton

Walton was part of an Arizona logging team when he went missing for several days in November 1975. At first, his colleagues were suspected of having killed him, while they claimed that he'd been struck by a beam of light from a UFO and subsequently abducted by aliens. The story was turned into the movie Fire in the Sky. Travis and his colleagues have never changed their stories.

The Allagash Abductions

In August 1976, on the first night of a camping trip in Maine, four young men say they were in a canoe on Eagle Lake when they saw a UFO that shot a beam of light down at them. The abduction story was later pieced together through dreams and regression hypnosis. The men claim they were subjected to physical examinations by aliens with large heads and glowing metallic eyes. To read more about the Allagash Abductions

Alan Godfrey

This British police officer was on patrol one night in December 1980 when he says he saw a large oval-shaped UFO hovering over the road ahead of him. When he stopped to make a sketch, there was a tremendous flash of light. His next recollection was being further along the road; the UFO had vanished. Under regression hypnosis he recalled being taken to an enclosed space and meeting a bearded man called Yosef who was accompanied by five small robot-like creatures.

Alfred Burtoo

Retired British Army officer Alfred Burtoo was fishing by a canal in August 1983 when he encountered a UFO that had landed and little green men. The 73-year-old said he was taken on board the ship, but then heard a voice say, "You can go. You are too old and infirm for our purpose." While he told his wife that he'd seen a UFO, he declined to mention the part about having been taken aboard because he thought she would forbid him from going on any more late night fishing trips.

Whitley Strieber

Best-selling author Whitley Strieber was famous for cult classic horror books like The Hungerand Wolfen even before his alien abduction claims. The front cover of his 1987 abduction book,Communion, showed the face of an alien that has become the accepted pop culture image of extraterrestrials: a drawn face dominated by huge, slanted, almond-shaped eyes. A Hollywood movie was made about the story, with Whitley being played by Christopher Walken.

The Ilkley Moor Abduction

The witness in this case was another British police officer, Philip Spencer. In 1987, he was on a remote moorland in Yorkshire, when he says he glimpsed a strange creature. He managed to take a blurry photo, and then saw a UFO shaped like two saucers stuck together. He then discovered that two unaccounted hours had passed between the time he took the photo and the time he saw the UFO. Under hypnosis, Spencer recalled that he'd been taken aboard the craft. The photo had apparently been taken after this and shows the alien after it had waved goodbye

Linda Cortile... And Javier Perez de Cuellar?

Dispelling the idea that alien abductions only happen in remote areas, Linda Cortile was abducted at her home in New York City, close to the Brooklyn Bridge. She says that her encounters have involved being floated out of her apartment window in November 1989, in full view of a motorcade of VIPs allegedly containing the then Secretary General of the United Nations, Javier Perez de Cuellar, who she says was on board when she arrived. He first declined to comment, then years later, said he had never been abducted.

The A70 Duo

One August night in 1992, Garry Woods and Colin Wright were driving down the A70 road in Scotland, on their way to see a friend. Seeing a disc-shaped UFO above the road they tried to outgun it, but the object emitted a strange mist. When the mist touched the car, they said, everything went black. Later, under hypnotic regression, they recall having been forced aboard the UFO by three small entities. They claim they were given some sort of physical examination while on board the craft before being returned safely to their vehicle.

Brigitte Barclay

One of the UK's most prolific UFO speakers, Barclay has a colorful past, including modelling for the UK tabloid The Sun and as a Penthouse Pet. But her most spectacular claim to fame is that she was abducted in downtown Los Angeles in February 1993. She claimed the encounter involved the spaceship being chased or escorted by numerous unmarked black helicopters.

Kirsan Ilyumzhinov

Ilyumzhinov was the former leader of the Republic of Kalmykia in the Russian Federation. He claims that in 1997, aliens called at his Moscow apartment. He was lured outside and was given a tour of the spaceship, but that he was unable to understand or communicate with the aliens. Following his revelations, a Russian MP urged the President to investigate, concerned that Ilyumzhinov may have revealed state secrets.

Top 15 Well Know Alien Abduction Stories, Video
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