Monday, May 14, 2012

Solar Storms, 5 Things to Pay Attention to, Video

Solar Storms, The Five Things We Need to Be Concerned About: Video

The discovery channel ran this great video on solar storms, it is just another good reminder why we need to pay attention to our environment. We are entering the peak the eleven year sun cycle and we are overdue for an event that could have life changing circumstances. I am not talking about being without electricity for years but it certainly could happen, more likely would losing our power for an extended period of time, this would include all communication devices, GPS and much more. This would put a stop to air travel, most ground transporation closing most of our goods and service providers to shutdown. 

Imagine a world without electricity. Even for just a week. Imagine New York City with no electricity, or Los Angeles, or Sao Paulo. Within 72 hours, most cities around the world will devolve into total chaos, complete with looting, violent crime, and runaway fires. Take a minute and understand the five things that you need to be concerned about of the next 12-18 months. 

Solar Storms, 5 Things to Pay Attention to, Video
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