Monday, May 14, 2012

MIT Develops Antigravity, Electromagnetic, Video

Early Stages of Antigravity Are Finally Being Taken Seriously

The metal ball in the image above has the ability to levitate, move around at your command or simply hoover in mid air. Jinha Lee at the MIT Media Labs Center for Bits and Atoms, (first posted on  had the idea and named it "ZeroN". 

The ball is powered by pure science, using powerful magnetic fields controlled by a computer coupled to an optical tracking system and a projector allow the ball to defy gravity. There is an interface which allows both you and the computer to communicate to achieve manipulation of physical objects. So in essence you can make them achieve flight. 

"ZeroN can remember how it has been moved. Physical motions of people can be collected in this medium to preserve and play them back indefinitely. When the users move release the ZeroN, it continues to float and starts to move along the same path. This allows a unique, tangible record of a user's physical presence and motion which will continue to exist even after the death of the person."

To say that we are on the brink of new discoveries that will change everything is an understatement. This simple small experiment is movement of an object without a fuel source, it is clean, efficient and when it is developed it will change our landscape like never before. We have known about electromagnetic energy for more than a century but it appears that scientist and university are finally beginning to figure out that it is much more than just a neat parlor trick or a creative device for gaming.

MIT Develops Antigravity, Electromagnetic, Video

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