Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Google Glasses, Sergey Brin Takes them for a Spin, Video

Sergey Brin Say GoogleX is Like Advanced Skunkworks, Goggle Glasses on Display

Even though most information about the "Google Glasses" remains a mystery some of the information is beginning to leak out in drips and drabs. In this video clip Sirgey Brin from Google lets Gavin Newson take them for a test run. Newson did not believe that the top Goggle guy actually took his picture so Brin removed the glasses and placed them on Newson who was impressed.

Outside of the Charlie Rose Show this is only the second time the glasses have appeared in public. Sergey Brin made a guest appearance on Current TV's Gavin Newsom show wearing a pair and snapping a hands free picture as the interview was starting.

Short Video from taken from Google Glasses

Brin explained that he has been more into the research and development side of the business for the past year and is hoping (probably optomistically) that the glasses might be ready for consumers in about a year but they are still in rough prototype stage. He goes on to say that GoogleX is like advanced skunkworks!

For those want a more descriptive definition of skunkworks:
A skunkworks is a small group of people who work on a project in an unconventional way. The group's purpose is to develop something quickly with minimal management constraints. Skunkworks are often used to initially roll out a product or service that thereafter will be developed according to usual business processes.

The term skunkworks was first introduced during World War II by engineers at Lockheed Corporation (which, in 1995, merged with Martin Marietta to become the Lockheed Martin Corporation). The engineers, who were tasked with building a fighter jet for the United States Government, operated under an unconventional organizational approach developed by Clarence L. "Kelly" Johnson. His directives for how the skunkworks should operate are called The 14 Practices and Rules.
 Although people have speculated that the name was inspired by the poor hygiene habits of overworked employees, it was really taken from the moonshine factory in a cartoon series called "L'il Abner." Lockheed Martin has trademarked the name Skunk Works, but they also refer to this type of project by the more formal name "Advanced Development Program"
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