Monday, May 14, 2012

Google and The NSA Make Strange Bedfellows

Google and NSA Secrecy Relationship Holds up in Court

This past Friday the federal appeals court upheld the National Security Agency's decision to keep from the public documents either confirming or denying any relationship that Google has with the NSA.

Former NSA chief Mike McConnell told the Washington Post that a "strong relationship between Google and NSA was going to be inevitable". Google itself admitted that it turned to the authorities after the search giants Chinese operation was deeply hacked. The attack was one of the main reasons that Google considered abandoning it Chinese operation all together. 

The court basically said in its 3-0 opinion that if they acknowledge any records than it would reveal how seriously the U.S. Government considered the action, and whether that action was a threat to national security. The court basically said "if we tell you we will have to kill you"!

Google and The NSA Make Strange Bedfellows

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