Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bilderberg Meeting May 31 - June 3, 2012, Some Advice

Bilderberg Meeting Starts May 31 Chantilly Va

The Bilderberg group is getting ready for their annual meeting just outside of Washington DC in Chantilly Va, May 31 through June 3, 2012. So what should the Bilderberg group do to make their organization more palatable to the world. 

First of all the membership must think for a moment like the rest of us, if you have attended a Bilderberg meeting than you are without question a member.  If you think for a minute that it is not an official organization or that you only get together to hobnob with our buds in a club environment, you could not be fooling yourself more. Like it or not, our perception has become your reality, you are a card carrying member of a disliked secret organization. 

Advice to the Bilderberg Group
  • Give yourselves a proper name 
  • Tell the world about your meetings
  • Put out a pre meeting press release
  • Print and distribute an agenda
  • Print and distribute an attendee list
  • Provide some history of your accomplishments
  • As hard as it may be give some history as to your failings
  • Designate someone to give a TED speech about who you are
  • Tell the world why you have been so secretive
  • Put out a post meeting press release
  • Become transparent, it will allow you to move forward
Look, there is nothing wrong with executives or bureaucrats having meetings, they do it all the time but to have secret meetings with no agenda, with no information provided to the public, that is simply wrong and makes you and your organization extremely suspect. It tells the world in no uncertain terms that you have something to hide.

Many of the government bureaucrats attending this meeting are doing so with "our money" tax payer money, you not only have a moral obligation to tell us how our money is spent you have a legal obligation. 

At a time when the central bankers of both Europe and North America have gotten away with financial crimes against humanity that border on catastrophic, it is not time to continue on your 58 year old course of stonewalling the public.  

Most of us already know that the seeds for the Eurozone were planted, sprouted and grew out of Bilderberg meetings, that is old news. Tell the world why you believe that a block of Europeans countries is good for the world, what are the benefits to one European currency, particularly in the light of what has happened to Greece and what is about to happen to Spain.  

The perception and reality of what people believe about your group is probably closer to reality than most members might think. We all know for a fact that the major banks around the world fleeced the public. We know that they were bailed out (and continued to be bailed out), we know that the public suffered horrendous losses.   We all know that the banks did not suffer much, we all know not one banker faced criminal charges for the disastrous circumstances they caused.  We also know that the underpinning of everything the Bilderberg group does is about  money. You may think your organization is above the financial fray or that your motivation is not tainted by money but that would simply be false. The members of your "club" have spent countries to the brink of bankruptcy, you have corrupted governments for the sake of money, you have lobbied and pressured government leaders to spend recklessly, stopped real financial reform, tax reform and entitlement reform. The Bilderberg organization wants things to be status quo but that is no longer possible. 

The members of your elite organization have no idea that they are standing on the precipitous of anarchy, people have had enough of tainted politicians, corrupt bankers and leaders that are not enlightened to the needs and desires of those that have put them into office. There is revolution in the wind and if things do not change people will make the necessary changes. The revolution may or may not take the form of violence but it has definitely arrived.  The American election of 2012 will be the first and most likely only wake up call! The question is, will your group hit the snooze button or will you actually wake up and make substantial change! 

The problems with people in secret organization is twofold, 1) because they are operating as a group they have a tendency to think everyone else must be doing the right thing by keeping it secret, (it is a mob mentality), 2) The world reaches a point (it has already happened) that says enough is enough, whatever you are hiding we want brought into the open! Your "club" can do it on their own or it will be done for you!

The choice is easy, believing that it must be done is the hard part. 

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