Friday, April 27, 2012

UFO Sighting 2012, White Oval Object Seen Over Georgia

Latest UFO News: Recent Sighting Described as 'White Oval Object'

In the latest UFO news and recent sightings, an eyewitness reported seeing an unidentified flying object over Buford, Georgia. Was it part of the Lyrid meteor shower, or more evidence of the Mayan end of days prophecy?

Citing a 4/25/12 report from UFO Stalker, via the Patch, a person in Buford reported seeing an oval object that traveled at a constant speed for a moment. Moments later, it quickly zig-zagged out of sight at a rapid speed. Here is what they said about the 4/24/12 sighting of the UFO:

I noticed a light in the sky, from my peripheral vision. It was at about my 11 o'clock direction. at about 45 degrees off the horizon. I immediately thought it was A meteor. I looked up, It was white, as if it was glowing, It did not pulsate. It was solid looking, oval shaped, and it had no tail.

While there are many plausible explanations for the recent UFO news report, it was likely a part of the Lyrid meteor shower seen over Georgia and other states.

According to this website, every year a display of rapidly moving meteors are seen across the sky. The event, traced back to the constellation Lyra, peaks between April 11 and 26. News of the recent UFO sighting was on April 24.

However, the cosmic light show is weak by NASA standards. In fact, only about five to ten meteors per hour zip across the sky at a fast rate of speed. Perhaps, this explains the unidentified flying object that seen over Buford, Georgia, recently.

While many media outlets and doomsday practitioners are reporting an increasing number of strange things, they all typically share something in common. Usually, they are "oval" and "glowing" to some degree. Like Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster, the apparitions do not hang around for a long time.

Do you believe the latest UFO news report was a real sighting, evidence that supports the Mayan's end of the world calendar, or is part of some government coverup?

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