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UFO Sighting 2012, 1000 Chinese Villagers Witness 3 Disc Shaped Objects, Video

At Least 1000 Chinese Villagers Witness Three UFOs

Reported in the Changjiang Daily News April 16, 2012 (Police Photo)
Reported in Changjiang Daily News April 16, 2012
More than 1000 villagers near the  city of Laohekou in the Hubei Province in China witnessed three disc shaped UFOs at the "mouth of the river". Apparently this is not the first incident in the area, the police have records that date back to 2007. Video Posted on YouTube Oct 2011 without comment. 

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WASHINGTON (special correspondent Li words) the day before yesterday, Xiangyang the Laohekou over the villagers to reflect the evening of April 13, found Meng Qiaochuan reservoir over unknown objects in flight, attracted more than a thousand local villagers to watch. Yesterday morning, reporters rushed to the incident, the villagers are still discussing the matter. 

More than a thousand villagers see "curious"

"Husband, you fast air point of view, it is valid?" 8:00 pm April 13, three groups of villagers Lianying in the Laohekou Yuan Chong Township Meng Qiaocun yard inadvertently overturned point of view one appeared in the sky The scene she was shocked, hurriedly shouted to her husband Wang watched.

Partial northwest of the village, saw a disc-like things, the other two "small disk" around the rotation. "Wang said, until 11 o'clock that night, the three unidentified object gradually disappear. Yang, director of music of the village have also seen this "spectacle". He said the three round strong flier brightness, Meng Qiaochuan reservoir over doing irregular movement, four groups in the village more than a thousand villagers have seen.

The police have recorded five years ago, a similar scene
It is understood that in April 2007, the old river mouth has seen similar flying objects, the local police have the relevant records.

According to Li Song, local police said that on the evening of April 4, 2007 8:18 Laohekou City Public Security Bureau has received the Laohekou Meng Louzhen the villagers reflected two UFO found in the town east of the night sky. Next, in just 34 minutes, the city and Henan border, Meng F, set Xue Yuan washed three towns there are masses called 13 of the same alarm call.

Li Song confirmed that the "spectacle" similar to Meng Qiaochuan reservoir over the unknown luminous body and the evening of April 13. Li Song, said that after the first alarm, he drove Bangladesh Louzhen, entered the Meng floor area, found two white ball of light the sky when they are on nowadays, when time-sharing together, when the fast slowly, sometimes jumping up and down.

Two ball of light brightness, the camera can not record, he finished a group of photos with a digital camera, Meng F, the police station rushed to the Laohekou City Public Security Bureau.

Li Song, to find the light source of unknown luminous object, he had to drive to run 15 kilometers, has run Henan, learned that the the Dengzhou Public Security Bureau in Henan Province "110" also received a similar alarm, the police were pursuing. They are chasing dozens of kilometers, discovery of unknown height still did not appear a big change, two ball of light is always in the eastern sky.

"Impossible aircraft drills

The place is 10 km south of Laohekou airport will have aircraft engaged in night drills? "Impossible." The village director Yang days Yue said, "The first is the light emitted is not the same aircraft at night to issue the three colored light, but these objects Fat's is white. And, if yes aircraft, should have the sound of" Young days of music said, can the villagers can only see the scene, did not hear the sound.

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter in the the Laohekou Air Force training base, according to the base of the staff, the recent the base does not conduct night flying training. In the evening of April 13, they did not do a special training arrangements.

Laohekou Bureau of Meteorology discipline inspection team leader, said Zhou Wei , from the meteorology, it is difficult to explain this phenomenon. They are ready to send specialized staff into the village to investigate.

As to whether the searchlight light or lanterns, Zhou Wei also denied this.

The Laohekou police photographed the UFO.

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