Wednesday, April 25, 2012

UFO News, Dutch UFO Party Set To Take Dozens of Seats, SOPN

Dutch UFO Party Set to Take Dozens of Seats........Maybe

The New Dutch Sovereign Independent Pioneer Party (SOPN) founded by Ufologist Anton Teuben of Soest, expects to take "dozens of seats" in the House of Representatives this fall. That being said, a poll - by the Dutch Newspaper AD says otherwise by an overwhelming majority. Of the 11,000 people who have voted in the poll approximately 18% believe this will happen and 74% say it will not, the remainder are undecided. Tueben has a popular Dutch website that gets thousands of views a day called NIBURU, which is the basis for his support.  

Teuben's party says the the common man has been deprived of things that governments and large corporations have had access to for a long time, including the latest technologies and "insights". 
"Thus you and I have been "kept ignorant" when it comes to things like UFOs and extraterrestrial visitors, massive bee mortality, radiological and massive conspiracies in the food industry. Main program entry, free electricity for all Dutch people. "That is easy, the technology for this already exists, but boycotting the oil companies and gas companies," said Teuben. party leader the party has not elected party leader, but says Teuben is available. "We must still decide, because there is more quality in our constituencies. We have scientists, authors, teachers, physicists, biologists, quantum experts and many experts who also qualify as leader of SOPN. "
The message from the party is quite clear, it is time for governments to share what they know and lighten the burden for the common man. Tueben is convinced that oil and gas companies are aware of free energy technology and they have been going out of their way to keep this technology out of mainstream society for the sake of profit. One of the platforms of SOPN is free electricity for all Dutch Citizens. 

The Dutch are ready to act on something many people around the world believe, that there has been a conspiracy by governments to conceal information from the public. This is exactly the same message that Dr. Steven Greer and others have been trying to get out for more than a decade.  We wish SOPN well in the upcoming election but we are certainly not going to get our hopes up for any forth coming revelations by the governments. 

 Dutch UFO Party Set To Take Dozens of Seats, SOPN, UFO News
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