Monday, April 30, 2012

Olympics 2012, MoD Orders Missiles in Flats

The MoD will place Missiles in Residential Areas During Olympics 

Missiles will be positioned in and around residential areas in London
Although 9/11 was more than a decade ago it seems that the world has dramatically changed and sometimes we don't want to believe it. Seeing a headline like this really shocks us back into our new reality. These headlines do not seem so odd or even out of place in 2012. Terrorism, whether we want to believe it or not has changed our world. It seems that no one wants to verbalize this but terrorism succeeded in how we go through airports, enter corporate offices, watch sporting events and to a certain extent how we live our lives. 

Most of us have a tendency to think that things are still the same,  but the differences in many ways is subtle, it is almost psychological . We simply want to believe that nothing has really changed (at least not that much) but in reality everything has changed. Depending on your age, a headline like this would have been unthinkable 25 years ago but in today's world it is just another story to read, do you see the difference.

It is like the difference in the UFO phenomena, may people really believe that they exists and many people simply want to believe!

BBC ReportThe Ministry of Defence is considering placing surface-to-air missiles on residential flats during the Olympics.

An east London estate, where 700 people live, has received leaflets saying a "Higher Velocity Missile system" could be placed on a water tower.

A spokesman said the MoD had not yet decided whether to deploy ground based air defence systems during the event.

But estate resident Brian Whelan said firing the missiles "would shower debris across the east end of London".

Missiles could be deployed in any part of the London 
The journalist said: "At first I thought it was a hoax. I can't see what purpose high-velocity missiles could serve over a crowded area like Tower Hamlets.

"They say they'll only use them as a last resort, but... you'd shower debris across the east end of London by firing these missiles."

Mr Whelan, who claims to have seen soldiers carrying a crate into the building, said his property management company put up posters and gave out the leaflets on Saturday.

He continued: "They are going to have a test run next week, putting high velocity missiles on the roof just above our apartment and on the back of it they're stationing police and military in the tower of the building for two months.

"It [the leaflet] says there will be 10 officers plus police present 24/7."

"As part of our ongoing planning, we can confirm site evaluations have taken place."

The MoD has previously said it was considering plans to install surface-to-air missiles in south-east London at Blackheath and Shooters Hill during the Olympics.

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