Friday, April 20, 2012

BBC Wants You For UFO Documentary, Contact Info

BBC and Renegade Pictures Want You For UFO Documentary

BBC and Renegade Pictures have contacted Educating Humanity about a possible trip to the United States for five people from the UK. If you fit the criteria below (or know someone who does) we would appreciate your help getting the word out. Please feel free to post a link to this on your facebook page or on your blog, website or simply send as an email. The readers and viewers of Educating Humanity have been helpful in the past and we are sure that they will come through again for what appears to be a fantastic opportunity. If you are successful and get chosen for the project we would like to follow your progress and report on it periodically.

From Renegade Pictures and BBC

"Below is some info about the film, including my contact details. It would be fantastic help if you posted it on your website Basically, we are looking for believers (5 of them) who are keen to investigate the weight of the evidence that a UFO reality actually exists with various scientific experts, UFOlologists and sceptics from the U.S, who through their knowledge and experience will hopefully facilitate a genuine and interesting debate on the topic. They would have to be between 18- 35 years and resident in the UK."

Do you believe in UFOs?

BBC3 documentary wants to hear from people who believe that we have been visited by aliens.

If you think that extraterrestrial life has made it to Earth then we want to hear from you.

Maybe you have seen a UFO?

Or perhaps you have been abducted by aliens?

Or even that Roswell is a government cover up?

Do you want a chance to Educate Humanity?

If this sounds like you, we are offering you the chance to go on a unique trip to America where you can explore your views and put them to the test.

Email for more information, or call 0207 449 3253. All contact will be confidential and will not commit you to the programme.

Applicants must be between the ages of 18-35 and resident in the UK
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