Thursday, April 26, 2012

Alien Encounter, Alien Sighting Anderson Cooper, Video

Two Friends Reveal Alien Encounter to Anderson Cooper

This is short teaser for Anderson Coopers series on aliens and UFOs

Brittany and Jennifer spoke to Anderson about their extraterrestrial experience, saying they followed a bright light in the sky in the early morning hours. Brittany recalled that while they were driving toward the light between the hours of 12 AM and 4 AM, and told Anderson they were not on drugs.

Brittany recounted the evening, telling Anderson, "The first thing we thought was, 'government… it's got to be some kind of government planes, but then when you started to see them more and started to see them closer, there's no way… it's not a plane I've ever seen before."

Brittany went to a hypnotherapist after the incident, and Anderson replayed some of the recorded conversation from the session.

Jennifer, who was with Brittany that evening, also shared her alien abduction on the UFO, saying she remembers going into a circular room where all of the surfaces were illuminated. She was naked, and as she walked forward, she says, "my head got pulled back and I had an immense pain going through my head and back of my neck. That's all I could recall."

Alien Encounter, Alien Sighting  Anderson Cooper, Video
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