Thursday, March 8, 2012

UFO News 2012, Fantastic UFO Filmed Over Phoenix, Video News Report

UFO Caught on Film in Valley (Phoenix) Investigation Under Way 

Do you believe there's something else out there?

About a week from the 15 anniversary of Phoenix Lights Event, , a new set of lights has national UFO investigators taking a close look at the skies over the Valley. Get the full story on the Phoenix Lights, with video and pictures.

In two clips totaling about four minutes, a Valley resident videotaped an eye-catching series of lights in the night sky over north Phoenix near Cave Creek.

The person who recorded the "V" shaped object and several witnesses with him turned the video over to the Mutual UFO Network, known as MUFON.

The Phoenix chapter of MUFON has possession of the two video clips, and according to MUFON Arizona Director Jim Mann, the agency has an investigator assigned to the case.

"It could be nothing, it could be something, we just need to find out," said Mann.

Some believe the lights are nothing more than a kite with LEDs attached or some type of radio-controlled airplane with LEDs.

It's not uncommon, Mann told ABC15, for most UFO reports to be debunked or simply explained.

The person who recorded the video provided a detailed statement to MUFON and said the object emitted little sound and was not moving very erratically.

So is it a prank? Or is it some type of toy like a kite with lights attached? Or is it an unidentified flying object? MUFON plans to find out.

The sighting comes just as a new documentary on the 'Phoenix Lights' sighting is set to be unveiled at a Scottsdale movie theatre Sunday .

The documentary is said to include new information, new witnesses and a question/answer session from several researchers regarding the appearance of the lights over the Valley in March of 1997
Source: ABC News
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