Monday, March 12, 2012

Stunning Aurora Photo, From Recent Solar Flare, Photos, Video

Solar Flares 2012: Solar Storm Photo From Iceland Is Stunning!

Last evening, many of the northern parts of the planet were treated to an extraordinary light show in the sky.

Solar flares on the sun, the result of a normal process of the surface of the fiery star, caused the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) to be intensified. Incredible colors were seen in some areas, such as those illustrated in the photo to the right. This photo was taken in Iceland.

The solar storm did more than just create beautiful images in the sky, however. It was expected to fizzle out on Thursday night, but there was actually an unexpected surge of activity that shook the earth’s magnetic field late Thursday and early Friday. Fortunately, scientists haven’t reported any major problems with electrical systems on the earth at this point.

According to leading scientists, solar storms pose no threat to human life on earth, but they have the potential to disrupt technology. According to the Associated Press, storms have the potential to “force corrections to voltage systems and trigger false alarms on some protection devices, as well as increase drag on satellites and affect their orientation.”

Check out the video below for a timelapse of what the solar storm looked like in Finland:

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