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Explosive UFO Info, Goldwater Letters, UFO Disclosure, ETs, SETI

Goldwater Papers Contain Explosive Information

Nov 1, 1994 letter from Greer to Goldwater
The letter of November 1, 1994 appears that Greer is not calling the shots, someone else is strongly encouraging and giving the "large green light". 
You will find full copies of the letters below and a link to all the Goldwater documents at the bottom. 

(excerpts # 1)
The year of fact-gathering and "testing the waters" must now give rise to significant forward movement in the Project,  and we have been given a large green light to move boldly forward over the next year.

(excerpt #2)
We have been strongly encouraged to move forward with a civilian effort to collect evidence, perform briefings, and in about 1 year bring all of  this to the direct attention of the major media.

Page 2 (missing)

(excerpts #1)
An attempt to disclose was made in 1989 but failed for two reasons
1. The announcement itself was ill-conceived and alarmist, and would have presented a spin indicating a false "extraterrestrial threat"
2. A covert entity, operating with advance psycho-electronic capabilities, created a false but convincing extraterrestrial intervention, which ended the announcement process.

(excerpt #2)
We have learned (and I have experienced on at least one occasion first hand) that certain covert entities possess technological means for inducing (word redacted) progammable experiences electronically. The so-called MK ULTRA and other psycho-electronic mind control technologies are fully operational. A reliabel Navy source informs me that off the shelf capability exists that , if desired, and individual could induce remotely to "have a personal conversation with their personal God, and he would believe it was real." We should, therefore, be aware of the extent to which this disinformation and psychological warfare may be applied, and not be deceived by it. Moreover, we must quietly assure that our leaders and policy makers are not misled.   

Jan 11, 1996 letter from Dr. Steven Greer to Goldwater. 
(excerpt #1)
"You will be briefed on the CSETI research projects which have resulted in multiple - witnessed close encounters where CSETI teams have made contact with and successfully drawn extraterrestrial craft into areas, at times within a few hundred feet of the research team, and which have resulted in definite interaction and signaling between the craft and the teams".

(excerpt # 2)
"The breadth of this research and the briefing and announcing project are so vast an so profound the no aspect of life on earth will be untouched by them."

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