Friday, March 30, 2012

Ever Wonder What the Sun Sounds Like, Video, Solar System

Ever Wonder What the Sun Sounded Like
2nd Video, January's Huge Aurora

I love it when people take electromagnetic phenomena (like aurorae) and convert them to sounds. Light and sound are very similar from a physics standpoint — both are waves, though very different kinds of waves. Still, if you take the wavelength (color) and amplitude (intensity) of light, you can convert them mathematically to pitch and volume of sound. It’s not telling you anything physical or real, but it might give you insight into some phenomena… or it might just be cool, like the video below which translates the March 7, 2012 solar storm into sound for your listening pleasure (see aurora video at bottom).

Nifty, isn’t it? And the big storm sounds like a lion’s roar, which is appropriate, at least. If you want more insight into this, Emily Lakdawalla posted about it, as did Universe Today. And check out the Related Posts below for links to more things like this.

Compliments of the Sun, aurorae in Jan 2012, Spectacular Video
Troms, Norway is pretty far north — at a latitude of 70°, it’s above the Arctic Circle, and in January the Sun never rises. That might sound forbidding, but the video below by Ville Kröger of the aurorae taken in January during the big solar storms might change your mind:

Ever Wonder What the Sun Sounds Like, Video, Solar System
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