Sunday, March 11, 2012

ET and Religion, What Does it Mean

Embracing Off-World Intelligence as an Important Piece of the Puzzle

By Dr. Linda Steiner
Last week, I engaged in a heated debate with a family member over the mounting evidence that humanity may have been visited and influenced by advanced, off-world beings.  It seems that these types of propositions appear to fly in the face of long held religious beliefs and trigger knee jerk rejections in those who ascribe to established, religious scripture.

The program, Ancient Aliens, which airs on the History Channel,  continues to provides ample theoretical and scientific evidence that human civilization may have been guided by advanced off-world beings.  But when citing such evidence to those who are entrenched in religious doctrine – one is frequently met with violent resistance and opposition to considering even the most compelling arguments.
For example, if one were to suggest that biblical scripture was really describing off-world beings descending from the sky and providing humanity with a set of life affirming values – many religious enthusiasts will strongly oppose such considerations – stating that these ideas are “fantasy based” and smack of science-fiction laden premises.
But is it really more fantastical to consider that off-world beings may have visited our planet than it is to believe in Immaculate Conception, The Burning Bush and The Resurrection of Christ? Why is it that people are willing and able to embrace biblical “events” as real and concrete – but reject, out of hand, any supposition that involves extra-terrestrial involvement in the evolution of our species?
Piecing Together the Puzzle of Truth
As a social scientist, I have an analytical mind. I tend to process information in precise and exacting ways.  To my mind, the search for truth is analogous to piecing together a 2,500 piece jigsaw puzzle, without the benefit of a guiding picture of the final product. We spread all the pieces out over our table and begin the laborious task of determining which pieces “fit together” and which do not.  In this way, the pursuit of truth necessitates a search for convergent pieces of evidence that fit – while sidelining other pieces until their valid place emerges in the overall picture.
The pieces of the puzzle fit together in precisely one way – and one way alone. And just as a crossword puzzle entry can be verified or eliminated by its fit to intersecting words – so do the pieces of truth’s puzzle verify or negate connecting facts or ideas.

There are numerous facts that challenge even the most advanced scientific theories. For example, the Great Pyramids of Egypt, Stonehenge and other megalithic structures found all over the world, defy modern day explanations and technological abilities. Yet, despite their undeniable, mil-lineal existence – people are still hard pressed to offer an explanation that provides a better fit than extra-terrestrial involvement.
 Off World Intelligence and the Belief in God are not Mutually Exclusive
Some religious followers believe that, to consider notions of off-world beings, represents a blasphemous rejection of the Creator. But is this reaction really warranted? Surely to consider that intelligent life has been spawned throughout  the multiverses should not, and can not, negate or challenge the existence of Creation. After all, life, matter, energy and consciousness still have points of origin – regardless of location or proximity in time and space.
If we are to successfully piece together the puzzle of truth – we must expand our horizons of thought and consciousness to be more inclusive of all the possibilities that exist – not just a prescribed set of indoctrinations that have been programmed into the minds of humanity by those who may wish to gain and maintain social control and domination over the masses.
It is time for each one of us to consider all the pieces laid out before us – as we will surely find that they only fit together in one way. Once we relinquish our biases in only considering certain elements as valid – we may then begin to complete the process of acquiring the true picture of existence – in all its glory – no matter how “puzzling” it may seem.

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