Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Berwyn UFO Incident, UFO Sighting Wales, Video, UFO Evidence and Facts

The Berwyn UFO Incident, North Wales

One of the United Kingdoms most prominent and controversial UFO cases occurred in North Wales on 23rd January 1974. Even the most ardent skeptic researchers admit that the object observed by witnesses does not have a conventional explanation. For decades since the event, local people have been outraged by the way the story has been told in newspapers, books and in television documentaries. This documentary is different, as it has been produced completely independently with no influence from TV channels, government or any other financiers.

It contains witnesses who have never given their account to any previous researcher or film. Providing compelling evidence that a well co-ordinated cover up was orchestrated from the highest levels from day one, the film also lays to rest the controversy over the alleged military activity on the night of the 23rd which skeptics have tried to deny, but can no longer after watching this documentary. The evidence and scientific scrutiny in the film tells the story as it happened and provides a long overdue fair and balanced investigation, explaining in detail the most likely sequence of events on that highly unusual night. Richard D. Hall draws on years of dedicated research from investigators Margaret Fry and Scott Felton to piece together this until now unsolved mystery.
All credit due to Richard D. Hall from RICHPLANET.NET for making this film and getting the facts out. 

Berwyn UFO Incident, UFO Sighting Wales, Video, UFO Evidence and Facts
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