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UFO Sightings, Aurora Borealis, Loud Noises and Solar Storm

UFO sightings, Aurora Borealis and strange rumblings off the charts worldwide in wake of massive solar storm

UFO Sighting in 2012 off the charts
Solar Flare creating northern lights
BRAY’S POINT, Ore.—The solar storm that hit the Earth with “fireworks” Tuesday, also spawned thousands of UFO sightings worldwide, state ufologists who monitor daily online UFO sighting reports. 

Locals here at this popular UFO sighting location at Bray’s Point -- and down the Oregon coast at nearby Stonefield Beach -- said they “breathed an exasperated sigh” after Tuesday’s solar storm brought no new disaster to this region that’s been slammed by a week of fierce winter weather. The day of the solar storm “passed slowly with a fuzzy haze over Bray’s Point,” and towards nightfall Jan. 24 “it was red and bright yellow all over,” explained Oregon UFO “watcher” Errol while pointing to an “upside down tree” hanging on nearby power lines as “one sign that something crazy happened with that solar storm.” 

In turn, those UFO watchers over in Sweden “have been all over the Internet with reports of crazy northern lights and lots of sightings Jan. 24,” added Errol who reminded UFO fans that “the Sun has always been ‘connected’ to historical records of UFO sightings going back to 360 AD in the Kushan Kingdom with a cold coin (on display at the British Museum in London) showing the Goddess Ardoksho pointing to stars in the heavens and what appears to be a spacecraft.”

Swedes get bird’s eye view of Sun storm

Those lucky enough to be in Sweden on Jan. 24 when the solar radiation storm “from the broiling Sun turned the chilly northernmost skies of Earth into an ever-changing and awe-provoking art show of northern lights,” reported MSNBC TV reports the day after, on Jan. 25, while worldwide UFO sightings were also noted as “spectacular” during this rare Sun eruption that cast ultraviolet light over much of the Earth’s northern regions.

In turn, MSNBC noted that even experienced stargazers were stunned by the intensity of the aurora borealis that swept across the night sky in northern Scandinavia after the biggest solar flare in six years.” 
"It has been absolutely incredible," British astronomer John Mason cried from the deck of the MS Midnatsol, a cruise ship plying the fjord-fringed coast of northern Norway.

"I saw my first aurora 40 years ago, and this is one of the best," Mason told The Associated Press, his voice nearly drowning in the cheers of awe-struck fellow passengers.

In turn, U.S. space weather experts from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) – at both the national headquarters and NOAA's $38 million Marine Operations Center in nearby Newport, Oregon, said on Jan. 24 that this massive eruption on the Sun “triggered the auroras,” that were seen as far south as Wales and the Oregon coast; while ufologists noted in Jan. 25 online reports that these “auroras” are “a perfect time for UFO sightings, and those who looked for them were not disappointed.”

Bray’s Point UFO sightings & "strange sounds" 
Oregon UFO “watcher” Errol – in reporting from Bray’s Point in a Huliq interview Jan. 25 – noted “numerous sightings Tuesday evening up and down the West Coast."
"We had one report up north in Canada early Jan. 25 that a spread of nine bright lights were spotted by UFO watchers who then noted a sort of 'voice' with a high-sonic stiletto that stopped everything dead," Errol explained.

In turn, the Canadian watcher said it was "haunting," but also "somehow familiar" as the Sun storm released auroras "blended with this possible alien spacecraft that produced a high pitched sound like "someone clearing his throat of rumbling phlegm."

"It just all sounded crazy from that high North American vantage point up in Canada," added Errol of an e-mail communication he had with a fellow UFO watcher in Canada early Jan. 25.
Also, he said "one real bright light" was reported at 4:30 a.m. -- in the Bray's Point, Stonefield Beach region -Wednesday morning, "that our watcher said had the same hallmarks of other ‘colorful’ sightings" happening over in England and Scandinavia Jan. 25.

Moreover, Errol said: “Nobody bothers to report these types of sightings due, in part, to a lot is already happening in the sky.”
Coins with images of "aliens" a clue?

Errol also noted that “Sun storms” or events involving the Sun and other things happening in the heavens are a “very interesting” revelation of the recently released British government hoard of once top secret UFO documents, “reveals how the British UFO hunters examined ancient coins on display at the British Museum in London, for clues to when UFO sightings began here on Earth.
In turn, a review of one British government UFO document makes note that a 123 B.C. “drachm” coin featured a “helmeted bust” of a Babylon king seated at “what resembled a control panel;” while the flip side of this ancient coin featured the Sun with “shooting stars” and unidentified “coded numbers or symbols.”

According to the British government UFO documents – that number more than 8,500 once top secret UFO files, with links to tens of thousands of other related UFO reports from the U.S. and around the world – “King Adramelek, from the 4th Century, B.C., featured images of ‘ancient astronauts’ on shekel coins that include images of the king with a space helmet on his head, instead of a crown, and even Zeus standing holding a star within.

Sun storm a “wake up call” for ufologists

The Jan. 25 MSNBC TV report also noted an expert stating that this radiation eruption on the Sun was more than just another Sun spot that impacted the Earth. "To me this was a wakeup call. The sun is reminding us that solar max is approaching," the expert said. "A lot worse is in store for us. We hope that you guys are paying attention. I would say we passed with flying colors."

Those who got to see Tuesday night's colorful display marveled at the brilliance added the MSNBC TV report; while also pointing to locals in Sweden who reacted to these “signs in the heavens.”

"It was the biggest northern lights I've seen in the five, six years that I've worked here," said Andreas Hermansson, a tour guide at the Ice Hotel in the Swedish town of Jukkasjarvi, above the Arctic Circle.
In turn, the reported noted that Hermansson “was leading a group of tourists on a bus tour in the area when a green glow that had lingered in the sky for much of the evening virtually exploded into a spectacle of colors around 10:15 p.m. local time.”

"We stopped the bus. And suddenly it was just this gigantic display of dancing lights and Technicolor," said Michele Cahill, an Irish psychologist who was on the tour. "It was an absolutely awesome display. It went on for over an hour. Literally one would have to lie on the ground to capture it all."

UFO sightings overseas on the rise

Likewise, Swedish media reported “numerous UFO sightings Tuesday,” after an aurora appeared and “a magnetic solar wind slammed into the Earth’s magnetic field, exciting both electrons of oxygen and nitrogen,” and other strange and unexplained “trigger points here on Earth” at Bray’s Point and all across the northern region of North America, Northern Europe and Asia.

In general, ufologists report that "thus far in 2012, sightings overseas are on the rise," with most local police giving no quarter to those who report a UFO, add ufologists, "because nobody cares much about it anymore with the exception of a growing number of believers who say "it only takes one to believe."

Moreover, NASA recently noted that the crew of the International Space Station reported “seeing strange lights” that they believe are linked to the northern lights, this recent Sun eruption or something more.
The electromagnetic burst associated with the start of this week's storm occurred at about 11 p.m. ET Sunday, reaching medlum levels. Then, on Monday and Tuesday, the proton radiation from the eruption hit strong levels, the most powerful since October 2003. That mostly affects astronauts and satellites, but NASA said the crew on the International Space Station was not harmed, and other space experts noted that only a few minor problems with satellites were reported. 

UFO Sightings, Aurora Borealis, Loud Noises Off the Charts With Solar Storm, Record number of UFO Sightings Accompany Solar Storm. 

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