Sunday, February 12, 2012

UFO News, UFO Video, ITV Airs Interesting Segment on UFOs

ITV-1 Air Interesting Segment on UFOs

ITV-1 (in the UK) featured a decent segment on UFOs, Feb 9, 2012.  This section features multiple UFO witness Bridgette Barclay and a hot debate with Gary Heseltine and debunker Professor Chris French

It is always interesting to contemplate the motivation of debunkers, is it for the fifteen minutes of fame, do they really believe their viewpoint when they were not witnesses to the UFO sighting or the event. Most debunkers have little in the way of "expertise". Are they being paid by someone, if so them by whom? Are they really intentionally putting misinformation out to the public. It just seems that their job is to go around and simply call people liars, without proof, without knowledge of the event and without much expertise. Just something to think about. 
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