Wednesday, February 22, 2012

UFO, Government Cover up, Alien Debate Feb 22. 2012, Inception Radio

Debate On UFO Cover up, Richard Dolan and Dr. John Alexander Moderated By Leslie Kean

This Wednesday, February 22nd at 7pm EST, Inception Radio Network presents a 3 1/2 hr special production of an on-air debate covering the topic of the United States government’s alleged interest in UFOs through studies operated under deep black operations projects. The UFO ‘Cover-Up’! True or False? This debate will be moderated by the esteemed journalist Leslie Kean and contested by the respected researchers and authors, Dr. John Alexander and Richard Dolan. Listeners will have a chance to listen in, call-in, participate, and decide which side made a better case for the widely discussed argument of whether the government plays a role in UFO investigations.

The UFO ‘Cover-Up’! True or False? Debate on The Inception Radio Network; Dr. John Alexander and
Richard Dolan

Moderated by Leslie Kean.

Wednesday February 22nd, 2012 at 7 – 10:30 PM Eastern

The show will be co-hosted by Michael Rambaucher and Chase Kloetzke of Project White Paper Radio and Warren and Jason of Truth Therorum Radio.

It will include a “pre-show” to introduce the backgrounds of each guest in the debate as well as interviews with Ste

ve Bassett, Marie D. Jones, Mack Maloney and Stanton Friedman as they weigh in with their opinions and researched contributions. The “Post-show” will feature each guest in an informal interview and wrap up.

It should be an exciting debate with Dr. John Alexander being a military insider who does not believe the Government has evidence or plays any role in a cover up and Richard Dolan being among the world’s most prominent UFO researchers with Leslie Kean, author of “UFO’s Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go on the Record” as the moderator.

This debate will take place Wednesday February 22nd, 2012 at 7 pm EST- 10:30pm EST on the Inception Radio Network at
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