Thursday, February 9, 2012

UFO Close Airport Again in China, UFO Sighting 2012, Video

UFO Closes Airport in China Again, Feb 2012

Original Translation of Chinese
It is the fifth time that an airport in China closed for safety, in the presence of a UFO in the vicinity. News about new UFO sightings last January 6, 2012. The presence of unidentified object on the runway forced the closure and cessation of airport air traffic in China Jing Xiang Airport.The alarm period lasted two hours and was the subject of the information of the day.The UFO avistaciones about airports are becoming more frequent. We are in cases of UFO sightings that if they can undoubtedly be considered exempt from any kind of fraud, since they are reported by security personnel and flight controllers undoubtedly reflect these visual contacts. Staff at international airports call for a protocol to act in the presence of UFOs that seriously endanger air traffic. The mystery is why these UFO sightings are so frequent at airports in China?

UFO Close Airport Again in China, UFO Sighting 2012, Video
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