Friday, February 24, 2012

UFO Appears Over Germany For Several Weeks, Video

Colorful ball of light over Bayreuth  Germany for several weeks

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A spinning ball of light UFO has been showing up regularly in the night skies of Bayreuth, Germany for the last several weeks, causing everyone who sees it to wonder, what is it?

The video below has a few problems. There is no frame of reference, such as background stars, city lights or a horizon. And the unidentified flying object seems to be hovering in one position.

That leaves open the possibility this UFO is the top of a light tower or floating on a body of water. There is no commentary at all on the video to help identify the object.

But it is clearly spinning at a high rate of speed, which is unusual for a tower top. And the spinning ball gives off multi-colored lights, making this "Disco Ball" object one of the weirdest, and most intriguing, UFOs filmed recently. Not very spooky, but definitely pretty to look at.

UFO Appears Over Germany For Several Weeks, Video

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