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Russia News, Scientist Drilling At Alien Lake Missing, Pictures

Russian Scientist Drilling for "Alien Lake" Out of Contact

Russian scientist working on treacherous island before losing contact
We know where they are! Antarctic explorer says Russian scientists drilling at 'alien' underground lake are safe but still 'working round the clock' as polar winter looms

Antarctic summer will come to an end within days - team's last chance to leave the station. Conditions in lake similar to lakes on moons of Saturn and Jupiter

Remote station recorded coldest-ever temperature on earth: -89C
Lake has had no contact with man-made pollutants or Earthly life forms for millions of years

An American professor and expert of the Antarctic said he believes contact with a team of Russian scientists that has not made contact with colleagues in the U.S for seven days has merely been busy as they drill into a lake buried beneath the Antarctic ice for 20 million years.

Professor John Priscu told in an email that the crews have been working ‘round the clock’ to beat the end of Antarctic summer, which ends Tuesday. Afterwards, temperatures will fall to deadly levels.

A supply plane delivers foodstuffs and equipment to Vostok polar station

He said: ‘I can assure you that they are not lost or out of contact. I never said the Russians were lost.’ The scientists are currently battling conditions of up to minus 66C at Lake Vostok as they raced to drill into a lake buried two miles beneath the ice before the weather closed in.

Scientists were hoping water in the lake, the most inhospitable region of the planet, would reveal more about ancient life on our planet - but they have fallen silent just days before the deadly winter is due to begin.

Their radio silence has chilling echoes of classic horror film The Thing, where scientists dig up a buried spacecraft in the Antarctic ice, only to unleash an extraterrestrial horror within.

'I think we'll find unique organisms,' Professor Priscu, a microbiologist at the University of Montana, and a veteran Antarctic researcher who is on the trip told Scientific American.

On January 13, Mr Priscu said the team was progressing well, drilling 5.7ft a day. He said they had switched from an ice drill to a thermal drill to melt through the last 16 to 32ft of ice.

Russian Scientist Drilling At Alien Lake Missing, Pictures, Russia News
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