Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Richard Dolan, UFO Threat and Secret Space Program, Feb 14, 2012, Radio

Richard Dolan on Spectrum Radio Feb 14 7:755Pm Pacific Time 10:55 Eastern

Spectrum Radio Network

Richard Dolan


Welcome to what we hope will become one of the most diverse radio shows and web sites on the Internet!
This is the place for you if you are interested in the following; alternative energy, alternative medicine and homeopathy, secret societies, U.F.O phenomenon, crop circles, abductions, ancient mysteries,out of place artifacts, ghosts, Psi, myths, legends, science, the weird, the wild and the wonderful.

We will be covering a WIDE spectrum of topics and we hope you will listen and participate in discussions by top experts in their respective fields as we grow together.We will try to be a source of knowledge and give you positive solutions and inspiration in order to better your life.

All of Spectrum's shows are full length and free to listen to on our archives/past shows page. We also create YouTube video's of all our shows (As time permits) if you would like to make a donation to help us cover monthly costs that is MUCH appreciated.

" You can never have too much Information"

Tune in to our show this coming Tuesday Febuary 14th 7:55pm Pacific 10:55pm Eastern when Spectrum Radio Network will be talking to
Richard Dolan about UFOs & The Secret Space Program
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