Sunday, February 5, 2012

NASA Blue Marble Image Breaks Records, Earth, Pictures

NASA’s ‘blue marble’ photo sets record on Flickr

Africa, Saudi Arabia and India.
NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center has released another stunning image of Earth, the second such photo to come out of the U.S. space agency this week.

Responding to popular demand, the U.S. space agency released its second 2012 version of the famous “Blue Marble” image, this time focusing on Africa and Asia.

North America
By using a planet-pointing satellite, Suomi NPP, the space agency created an extremely high-resolution photograph of our watery world. The first image, released earlier this week, shows North America, Central America and the Caribbean.

The latest image is focused on the East, showing Africa, Saudi Arabia and India.

Compiled by NASA Goddard scientist Norman Kuring, the latest image has the perspective of a viewer looking down from 7,918 miles above the Earth’s surface from a viewpoint of 10 degrees South by 45 degrees East. The four vertical lines of ‘haze’ visible in the image shows the reflection of sunlight off the ocean, or ‘glint,’ that VIIRS captured as it orbited the globe.

NASA Blue Marble Picture Breaks Records, Earth, Pictures
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