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Educating Humanity on Synchronicity, Is Life A Game of Chance

Synchronicity in Our Daily Lives: Do Things Really Happen for a Reason?

Many believe, myself included, that our lives are guided by a higher power, and the distinction of whether one regards this power as God, one’s Higher Self, Ancestors or a team of higher-dimensional guides is less important that the realization that synchronistic events may be designed to capature and guide our attention and actions in a given way.
Those raised in Western cultures, like the U.S., are routinely taught that synchronicity is coincidental  – amounting to nothing more than random, accidental probability – or, at times, relegated to some “super-natural/paranormal” event experienced only by unique, “sixth- sense-type” individuals. Typically, those that believe in, and speak about, synchronicity may be ridiculed at worst and dismissed at best.  But for those who have experienced profound examples of synchronicity in their personal lives – these events are received as “signs” that support or challenge a chosen decision or direction to take.
Synchronicity Can Open Doors
I know a young woman who recently earned her license as a health care professional. She was born and raised in a small town in the Midwest and upon completion of her training, she accepted a job offer in a major coastal city in the U.S.. After many failed attempts at locating a reasonable and safe place to live – she grew uncertain about the major relocation that lied ahead of her. Then one day, her mother called to announce that she may have finally found a place on an online, sublet website.
As it turns out, the neighborhood of the apartment her mother found just happened to be the very same neighborhood where an old high-school friend lived. Next, she learned that the address of this prospective apartment happened to be in the very same building where this old high-school friend now lives.
Astonished at finding that these old high-school friend would reside in the very same apartment building – they eagerly began to discuss the “eerie coincidence” that had touched their lives. But the icing on the cake came when they discovered that they would not only dwell in the same apartment building – but that they would be next-door neighbors – sharing a common wall!

Accidental, random occurrence? I think not. What are the chances of 2 people that grew up in a small, Midwestern town – ending up as next door neighbors, thousands of miles away – in a major city overrun by thousands of apartment buildings - a full decade after high-school – without effort, knowledge or intent? If we were dealing with statistical probabilities – the chances would be improbably remote – to say the least.

Another case in point involves my elderly mother who was undergoing cancer treatment during the winter months. On our daily travels to and from her radiation treatments over a six-week period, she routinely took notice of every Honda CRV that we passed by. Her own vehicle of 20 years was certainly on it’s last legs and she described the CRV as her “dream mobile”. “I would love to have a silver CRV”, she repeated over and over again. But alas, finances did not permit our ability to purchase another car – despite my so wanting to make her dream come true.
One afternoon, while running errands, a parking space opened up behind a silver CRV as the driver was returning to her car. I approached her and asked her about her vehicle. She said that it was the best car she ever owned. I gave her my business card and casually mentioned that if she were ever interested in selling it, to let me know.  Over the next few months, I managed to stash away some money in savings. And on the last day of my mother’s treatments, I received a phone call from the woman stating that she had decided to sell her CRV and had kept my card! I was astonished! But could I afford to buy it and was in it good working order?
I took the car to my mechanic for an inspection and he stated that it was the best kept used car he had ever seen in his 20 year career. When I asked if it would be a good purchase, he replied, “If you don’t buy it – I will!” When I asked the woman how much she wanted for the car, she quoted me a figure that was identical to the amount of money I had saved! Days later, I had the heartfelt pleasure of leading my mother, blindfolded, into the front yard where she found her very own silver Honda CRV wrapped in a big red bow!
This, my friends, is sychronicity in action and it comes into our lives to guide and direct our life’s path through the maze of our current reality.
Synchronicity Can Close Doors
At times, synchronicity may also appear in the form of  bad news, an unexpected upset or disappointment. For example, I used to hold a full-time position as a coordinator for a social service agency. During that time, I found myself spread terribly thin as single parent, recently divorced, and working long hours to finish my doctoral dissertation.
I wasn’t happy with my job, but it was sorely needed,  as I was the sole provider in the household at that time. One day, I was called into my bosses office and told that I was being “let go” for undisclosed reasons. Needless to say, I was shocked and horrified. I packed up my belongings and returned home – dazed and confused. I kept replaying the questions in my mind – over and over again. Why? How? What had led to this horrific outcome – at a point in my life when all else was already so abysmally challenging?
Shortly after my dismissal, I suddenly received numerous teaching opportunities from area universities which had previously been unavailable. I was thrilled and excited as the teaching appointments poured in – comprising more income than I had ever hoped for.  So what may have initially appeared to have been a sudden and tragic loss – led to greater measures of prosperity and personal fulfillment.
Maybe – Just Maybe – It Was Really Meant to Be

It may not be such a far-fetched notion that things really do happen for the best of reasons.  When one begins to take conscious notice of the various signs that present themselves in various ways – one begins to recognize a “method to the madness”. Sometimes, our guidance comes in the form of a quiet inner voice that speaks to us – ever so softly. Other times, the guidance comes in more profound ways. But if we open our inner wisdom and allow ourselves to become receptive to the directives – we will assuredly find ourselves our intended path, in the long run.
Free will is always ours to exercise – and with free will – comes the freedom of choice. It is always our choice to act in whatever way we wish. But it’s wise to remember that people, events, situations and circumstances may very well cross our paths for a reason – and if we realize that these occurrences have presented themselves as a matter of guidance – we begin to live the life that will lead to the full measure of our potential.

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