Sunday, February 26, 2012

Dolphins Swimming (2000) With Whale-watching Boat off CA, Photos, Video

Dolphin Super Pod (2000) Racing a Whaling Watching Boat

An amazing 2000 dolphins surround and follow a whale watching boat off the coast of California. Scientist have no idea why this spectacle took place and can only speculate that the mammals were only "having fun".

This astonishing video of 2,000 dolphins racing a whale-watching boat is either cute, unsettling or a bit of both. The ship was off Dana Point, Calif., when it encountered the "mega-pod," which paced the boat at up to 25 miles per hour. A normal pod contains about 12 dolphins, and "News" reported that baffled scientists believed the huge group might have been racing the boat just "for fun." That seems likelier than a solidarity swim to endorse the recently proposed dolphins' bill of rights.

Dolphins Swimming (2000) With  Whale-watching Boat off CA, Photos, Video 
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