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15 Celebrities that Have Seen UFOs

UFO Sighting are increasing at a phenomenal rate so it only makes sense that more and more celebrities are coming forward with their UFO stories. It is no longer taboo to discuss UFOs, most people around the globe accept the fact that UFOs are in our skies and have been seen by hundreds of thousands if not millions of people.  

Mick Jagger

While camping in Glastonbury in 1968 with then-girlfriend Marianne Faithful, Jagger spotted what he described as a "cigar-shaped mothership" floating amongst the stars. A year later, the Rolling Stones' frontman saw a second UFO during the infamous concert at Altamont. The sightings left such an impression on the singer that he installed a "UFO detector" at his English estate. The most mysterious part of this story? Mick Jagger goes camping.

Jackie Gleason

A long time UFO enthusiast, actor/comedian Jackie Gleason once claimed his good friend Richard Nixon showed him the dead occupants of a crashed UFO that were being housed at a secret military installation in Florida. When Gleason's wife later mentioned the incident to the media, Jackie promptly divorced her… or so the Hollywood rumor mill has it.

Victoria Beckham

Not to be outdone, when Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham saw something that looked like a huge blazing soccer ball over her Los Angeles mansion a few days after Billy Ray's tweet, she typed: "UFO hovering above Beckham's house!!" To which her hairstylist tweeted back: "Grab the kids and run!"

William Shatner

Beam him up, somebody. William Shatner once claimed a UFO saved his life after his motorcycle broke down in the Mojave Desert. Stranded and without water in the 130-degree heat, he said a mysterious object suddenly appeared in the sky and guided him to a gas station and safety. But Shatner later recanted the story in his autobiography and told The New York Times: "I told the truth that I lied."

Billy Ray Cyrus

Is this the first-ever celebrity-ET tweet? In the fall of 2011, Billy Ray Cyrus tweeted this picture of an oddly normal sunset, saying: "OK…my first UFO sighting. Looks like 5 or 6 disk-like shapes hovering. Special moment 4 DAD." Are we missing something here or is Billy Ray missing a few screws?

Sammy Hagar

The former Van Halen singer has not only seen a UFO, he claims he's been abducted and "probed" by ETs. "I saw two creatures inside of the ship," he said in 2011 while promoting his memoirs. "They tapped into my mind through some kind of wireless connection. They downloaded something into me! That friggin' happened!" And you thought David Lee Roth was strange….

John Lennon

In August 1974, the ex-Beatle was on the roof of his New York City apartment when he saw a disc-shaped UFO hovering just 100 feet away. His girlfriend at the time, May Pang, was able to grab a camera and take a few photos of the object, but when the film was developed, all the pictures came out blank.

Jimmy Carter

In 1969, future president Jimmy Carter was standing outside a Lion's Club in Leary, Georgia when he and a small group of people observed a brilliant, multi-colored light shining in the night sky. Like any do-gooder, Mr. Peanut filed a UFO report on the incident, but experts later said Carter probably spotted the planet Venus.

Ronald Reagan

Carter's 1980 opponent observed a UFO while he was Governor of California. Traveling aboard his personal plane in the summer of 1974, Reagan saw a strange object flying outside his window. At Reagan's suggestion, the pilot followed the UFO for a few minutes before it suddenly shot straight up and disappeared in a flash.

Muhammad Ali

Jogging in New York's Central Park one day, boxing legend Muhammad Ali saw a bright light appear over his head and start moving along with him. But this was no big deal for the Greatest, who claimed to have seen many UFOs in his lifetime. "If you look up in the sky in the early morning," he once said, "you see them playing tag between the stars."

David Bowie

While journeying through the English countryside one day, the "Ziggy Stardust" rocker spotted a UFO hovering over a field. From that moment on, he became hooked… on something. Said Bowie: "I believe that what I saw was not an object, but a projection of my own mind trying to make some sense of this quantum topological doorway into dimensions beyond our own."

Will Smith

Not only did actor Will Smith see a UFO one night while out riding with friends, but the star of Independence Day and Men in Black is also responsible for something called "The Will Smith Effect." As confirmed by noted British UFO expert David Clarke, whenever Will Smith comes out with a sci-fi movie, UFO sightings go through the roof — or, at least, in England.

Alexander the Great

Sometime in 322 BC, Alexander the Great's massive army came to a strategic river crossing in eastern Persia. Just as they were about to ford the river, two objects described as silvery shields with fire spitting from their rims appeared in the sky. The UFOs frightened the Macedonian army so badly, many of the soldiers refused to cross the river, temporarily stalling Alexander's attempt to conquer the world.


Dan Aykroyd

Longtime UFO buff Dan Aykroyd might own the most famous ET "non-sighting." It happened back in the 80s when the SNL funnyman woke up in the middle of the night and told his wife: "They are calling me. I want to go outside." His wife suggested he go back to sleep. The next day people all over upstate New York reported having the same urge to go outside at three in the morning. Those that heeded the call saw a tremendously large pink spiral hovering in the sky.

Christopher Columbus

On the night of October 12, 1492, Christopher Columbus was on the deck of his ship, the Santa Maria, gazing out over the dark Atlantic. Suddenly he saw a light glimmering in the distance. The light began moving up and down and flashing with such intensity, it kept the explorer's eyes locked on the horizon. About four hours after first seeing the strange light, Columbus spotted land.

Russell Crowe
A friend and I set camera (March 6, 2013) to capture fruit bats rising from Botanic Gardens. This was a big surprise," he tweeted on Wednesday. Crowe provided a link to the footage, which was posted online late on Tuesday from a brand-new account by the name of ParallelUniverse1234. It's unclear if the account is run by the actor. The actor vigorously defends his UFO sightings as genuine.

Robin Leach and Lee Speigel talk UFOs and Celebrities

If you are only interested in the UFO information, move the video to about the 2:12 mark

Robbie Williams

He says he has seen aliens on three separate occasions. One he described as a golden ball of light that appeared to dance to the song he was singing. " I want to go out and investigate theses things. I am stopping being a pop star and becoming as full time UFOlogist." 

Dennis Kucinich

The one time presidential hopeful had a close sighting over Shirley MacLaine's home in Graham, Washington. The smell of roses drew him out to my balcony where he saw a gigantic triangular craft, silent and observing him. It hovered soundless, for 10 minutes or so and sped away at a speed that he could not comprehend. He said he felt a connection and was very moved. 

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