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British Airways 1954 Mothership Sighting, Multiple Witnesses, Video

BOAC Encounters Mother Ship-1954

Often times in dealing with older UFO cases, they simply remain "status quo." It is rare that new information comes forward. Luckily, that is not the case with the incredible June 29, 1954 sighting of seven UFOs from an England-bound Boeing Stratocruiser flying over the Atlantic Ocean. The UFOs were seen by crew members, and passengers, and one of the eyewitnesses' daughters has given us compelling evidence about this mysterious event.

Eye Witness Comes Forward:

Our eyewitness worked for the British Airways as a manager for over 25 years, and is now is retired. The case of the BOAC (Bristish Overseas Airline Corporation) airliner is extraordinary in that the UFOs, according to eyewitness accounts, morphed, or changed shape, in flight. The seven UFOs paced the giant airship for part of its journey, which initiated at Idlewild Airport, Queens, New York at precisely 4:55 PM. Veteran pilot James Howard was at the controls.

Captain Sees UFOs:

The BOAC airliner flew the south shore of Long Island, and then proceeded north over Connecticut and Rhode Island. At about 9:05 PM, Captain Howard saw the UFOs-one larger object, a mother ship, and six smaller UFOs. Most of the passengers were already asleep as the sightings began. Howard immediately informed his co-pilot First Officer Lee Boyd, but Boyd had already seen them.

Objects Fly in Group:

The objects were definitely flying as a group, and pacing the plane. Three of the smaller UFOs led the mother ship, and three brought up the rear. The group of unknown flying objects flew parallel to the BOAC for about 80 miles of its journey. Although the six "escort" ships stayed the same, the mother ship appeared to change shapes occasionally.

Jet Sent to Investigate:

The crew of the BOAC was definitely concerned-they radioed Goose Bay in Labrador, Canada to find out if they had any explanation for what they were seeing. Goose Bay had nothing on radar to explain the seven UFOs. The tower dispatched a Royal Canadian Air Force fighter jet to investigate the sightings. The mother ship was described by the crew as being as large as an ocean liner, a description our eyewitness endorses.

UFOs Begin to Disappear:

Not long before the jet arrived to check out the group of unknowns, the UFOs started to vanish from the sky. First, the six smaller UFOs disappeared. Eyewitness George Allen, who had watched the entire occurrence, "It looked to me as though they went inside the big one." The entire sighting lasted 18 minutes as it covered the 80 miles. Howard informed the jet that the UFOs were now gone.

Space Ship from Another World:

The sighting of the seven UFOs was reported through official channels. Captain Howard was interviewed in the December 11, 1954 issue of Everybody's Weekly. He stated:

"It was a solid thing. I'm sure of that, maneuverable and controlled intelligently-a sort of base (mother) ship linked somehow with those smaller attendant satellites. There is no rational explanation-except on the basis of space ships and flying saucers. On that basis, it must have been some weird form of space ship from another world."

Extraterrestrial Intelligence:

The case of the BOAC sighting has never been challenged in any way. This account gives us a glimpse of what UFOs are capable of, and why they are such a mystery. After a review of the case details, and crew and passenger testimonies, only one conclusion can be drawn-the BOAC airliner encountered a fleet of UFOs, possibly from another world.

To this day the 1954 BOAC UFO case remains unquestionably one of the most compelling cases on record. Given the quality and the number of witnesses it has been impossible to debunk.  The general consensus is that Captain Howard, his crew and his passengers saw a craft from another dimension, realm or at least another planet. 
British Airways (BOAC) 1954 Mothership Sighting, Multiple Witnesses, Video

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