Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Biological UFOs Are Real, UFO News, Extraterrestrials, Space Junk, Video

Could some of the strange objects filmed in space be biological UFOs?

Dr. Rhawn Joseph has analyzed several controversial images and says there is no doubt that there are extraterrestrial life-forms in space.

He also dismisses NASA's space junk explanation and says that "there is no evidence to support the belief these objects are space junk, or artifacts of the camera.

NASA has never bothered to take samples or to investigate; yet without evidence NASA claim these objects are space junk."

Research has proven that extreme organisms can live in very harsh environments. Such extremophiles can survive almost everywhere, including in outer space, says Dr. Rhawn Joseph who has complied the following footage that shows what he believes to be living alien organisms which were filmed by NASA.

According to Dr. Rhawn Joseph, many of these objects are huge in size and have a pulsating nucleus. That could be an indication that they are living life-forms. The objects are able to suddenly change direction and speed of movement.

Astronauts have described some of these objects as "definitely not solid", "plasma-like", "tissue paper thin", and engaging in unusual movements.

Dr. Joseph also point out that "when the tether was viewed with a deep field lens, there were tens of thousands of these structures, some smaller, some similar in width to the teather.

When the tether was viewed close up, objects of all sizes could be viewed; and many of these objects were semi-transparent.

When the tether is viewed close up, there are very large objects and the entire field is filled with millions of very tiny objects which must be very far away.

Strange object filmed in space by NASA. This could be a biological lifeform according to Dr. Joseph. Credit: NASA

In other words, there are millions of strange objects in space which could be living extraterrestrial organisms. Astronauts could see these objects outside the space shuttle, travelling along side the shuttle.

Dr. Joseph became interested in the biological alien life-form theory when he viewed a NASA video tape of NASA's 1996 broken tether incident, involving the Space Shuttle Columbia (Space Shuttle mission, STS-75) and a hundred million dollar satellite which was released into orbit.

Tens of thousands of structures began swimming toward the tethered satellite in deep space; as depicted in NASA film footage. Some of these objects can be miles in size, says Dr. Joseph. Credit: NASA

According to Dr. Joseph "it was as if I was staring into a microscope, at a colony of algae swimming in a petri dish." "Thousands of these creatures appeared to be identical to a species of algae known as Eudorina elegans, but had to be many kilometers in size."

"The tape is authentic (filmed by NASA and shuttle astronauts) and NASA acknowledges the existence of these structures; and the official explanation is they are "ice particles" and "space junk". Yet these structures do not remotely resemble "ice particles" and many are identical in appearance (and can't be space junk) and contain what appears to be a pulsating nucleus at their center. In fact, they appear similar to the upper atmospheric Jovian creatures proposed by Carl Sagan.

NASA footage also shows some of these "structures" suddenly changing direction and accelerating their speed of movement--Exactly as predicted by Carl Sagan. Further, as predicted by Carl Sagan, they appear to use a propulsion system that may rely on gas.

And as predicted by Carl Sagan, these extraterrestrial extremophiles resemble algae. As as predicted by Carl Sagan, some appear to be "many kilometers in size."

Extremophiles can survive in almost any environment, why not outer space?", says Dr. Rhawn Joseph.

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