Monday, February 27, 2012

bin Laden's Compound Demolished, Pictures, Video

Pakistan Begins Destruction of bin Laden Compound

CIA Picture recently released showing a crowd gathering
to watch bin Laden's compound destroyed

Pakistani security forces on Saturday began demolishing the compound where Osama bin Laden was killed during a US raid last May, FOX News Channel confirmed.

Bulldozers were seen around the compound in the northwestern garrison town of Abbottabad, and at least one room has been destroyed, according to witnesses and police. It was unclear how long the demolition will take. 

Demolition of the Terror in Chief's former compound well underway

US Navy SEALs stormed the compound May 2, 2011 in a 40-minute covert raid that killed bin Laden, his adult son and three other people.

The raid stoked tensions between the United States and Pakistan following the discovery that the former al Qaeda leader had lived for years undetected in Abbottabad, close to Pakistani military bases and not far from the capital Islamabad.

The terror chief was said to have been "scared" and "completely confused" in the moments before he was gunned down inside his Pakistan compound.

A source confirmed that the SEALs first took aim when bin Laden poked his head around the door of his bedroom -- but the bullet whistled past the al Qa'ida chief.

After darting back into the room, bin Laden shoved one his wives toward an advancing SEAL in an apparent attempt to save himself. He was quickly dispatched with shots to the chest and forehead.

Curious onlooker's stand around as final hiding place of bin Laden is destroyed.

Bin Laden's son denouncing killing of his father

bin Laden's Compound Demolished, Pictures, Video
Additional Pictures From Seal Raid
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