Tuesday, January 24, 2012

UFO Sighting 2012, Spate of Sightings at Cricket Club Near Ascot Lane

UFO watchers to head to Welwyn Garden City based Hatfield Cricket Club after spate of sightings

Alien watchers will be scouring the skies for otherworldly craft and hoping to test the boundary of human understanding.
After a spate of UFO sightings, as reported in the WHT over the last few months, Hertford Astronomy Group has decided to dedicate its monthly meeting at Hatfield Cricket Club, in Ascots Lane, WGC, to looking for evidence of extraterrestrials.
Programme organiser Alan Willison told the WHT: “We have noticed a number of reports in your paper over the last few months about sightings of UFOs.”
He added: “Following the BBC Stargazing Live programmes we are encouraging people to come along and start looking up into the sky and to learn more about what they can see.
“We know that by calling it a UFO watch we are open to ridicule, but until you know just what you are looking at then it is unidentified – it may or may not be flying but that is for you to determine.
“There will be opportunities to speak with local astronomers and look through some telescopes if the sky is clear.
“We will also be showing a video that has many people’s first hand experiences of encounters with UFOs including simultaneous sightings by thousands of people.
“It should prove to be a fascinating evening.”
The stargazing will take place from 7pm to 9pm.
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