Saturday, January 28, 2012

UFO 2012, Bird Killed by Orb, Video

Bird Killed by Orb! (Video)

It actually appears that this person set out to film an Orb near some chemtrails and in the process a second orb appears. A bird then fly's near or into one of the orbs either killing or harming it. 

In the latest UFO news, a man videotaping two silvery orbs catches the sight of a bird flying into one of them and plummeting to the ground.

The video, posted on YouTube, shows one silvery orb hovering high above, passing through what looks like the chemtrail of an airplane. Suddenly, a second orb appears nearby, seemingly appearing out of thin air.

As the witness zooms in on the unidentified flying objects, it's clear that the UFOs are not of any known type of aircraft.

Suddenly, a bird in flight crashes into one of the orbs and begins its descent to the ground, apparently killed from the impact.

It seems the witness was not aware of the collision through the camera viewfinder, only noticing it after reviewing the footage.

In the second half of the YouTube video, the action is slowed down to half speed and the collision can be clearly seen.

This is weird. Presumably birds don't just fly into weather balloons, and if the UFO was a jet, it would have been sucked into the engine. This bird clearly strikes the side of the object and falls to the ground. What could it be if a bird cannot avoid striking it head-on?
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