Friday, January 20, 2012

Strange Noises From Around the Globe, Canada, Greece, USA, Chile, Video

Loud Noises Around the world are startling many and leaving others perplexed

Probably the strangest phenomena of 2012 so far are the loud noises that seem to be happening all over the globe. Virtually every major forum is posting video of this event, some are in the form of a loud sustained rumble others are a one time loud bang, many have made local and national news. Some are clearly a hoax and others appear to be very much real. I have posted several videos below so you and determine for yourself what you believe they are.

Investigation of the strange sounds heard around the world this week turns up the fact that the noises were first reported in November, 2011 emanating from Sweden and may coincide with earthquake activity in some of the instances reported so far.

But a very plausible theory being broached is that the strange sounds are a product of the HAARP meteorological experiments being conducted worldwide by the US government, making it yet another conspiracy started by shadow agencies for unknown purposes.

News Reports

Strange Sounds During Baseball Game

Strange Sounds from UFO in Scotland

Strange Sounds Finland Jan 17, 2012

Strange Sounds Chile

Strange Sounds Winnipeg, Canada

Strange Sounds heard around the world

Loud rumbling noises heard in Samarahan Malaysia

Strange Sounds From Borneo

KOTA SAMARAHAN: Unexplained chilling sounds, which filled the air of Samarahan in the wee hours of Jan 11 and 12, have residents there puzzled and perturbed until today.
One of the theories being thrown into the pan is that it could be a by-product of the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Programme (HAARP) undertaken by the United States, while others believed it were from processing machines hard at work at an oil palm factory owned by Felcra in Kampung Endap.

We will keep you update if this phenomena continues and if the reason for it are identified. 
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