Saturday, January 28, 2012

Starchild, Indigo Child, Chinese Boy with Blue Eyes Can See in the Dark, Video

Chinese Boy Dubbed Starchild

A blue-eyed boy in China is stunning the world because of his ability to see perfectly in the dark. Dubbed a "Starchild" some have speculated the boy is an alien hybrid.

Although this boy's eyesight is amazing, it's hardly a reason to believe he must be an alien child. It seems he first saw a doctor at a few months old (well before he could display amazing eyesight) because his father was puzzled over why his eyes were blue.

As the boy, Nong Yousui, grew older it also became clear he had amazing abilities, especially being able to see clearly in the dark. Doctors performed tests of his vision and have confirmed he can read in the dark and has the eyesight of a cat.

The boy's mother is interviewed briefly in the video and seems quite proud of her "Starchild" son. Is this just an anomaly or is there an alien intervention going on here? 

Starchild, Chinese Boy with Blue Eyes Can See in the Dark, Video
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