Thursday, January 26, 2012

Remote Viewers See Alien Shipwreck Elements on Moon, Video

Aliens, Structures and Evidence found on the Moon by "Remote Viewers"

A group of parapsychology sleuths accuse NASA of hiding evidence of aliens on the lunar surface -- wild tales that sound like an amalgamation of Hollywood sci-fi movies: "Apollo 18," "Minority Report" and "Alien."

Transception Incorporated, self-described as an Austin, Tex., based psychic R&D operation, sent a letter to NASA Administrator Charles Bolden that nominates the Apollo 16 crew for the Congressional Space Medal of Honor.

But there are strings attached. 
The medal is being recommended for astronauts John Young and Charles Duke allegedly coming upon an extraterrestrial "shipwreck" on the surface of the moon during their third lunar surface excursion on April 23, 1972. A prerequisite for the award is that the crew is "released from secrecy" about what they really saw on the moon. 

A variety of "shipwreck elements" -- described as "structures, people/aliens, biological technology, and their plight" -- were reportedly seen through a psychic technique called remote viewing by six experts at Transception.

The "wreckage" suspiciously looks a lot like just a big boulder, dubbed "house rock." And, you'd expect to find big boulders on the edge of an impact crater.

Simply look at the high resolution images (see link below) from the public-accessible Apollo archives. A photo mosaic of the alleged spaceship (shown below) is either a boulder or a fossilized alien vehicle.

The alleged crash site, as seen in the Lunar Orbiter photo, is pretty bland-looking for a purported disaster location. It's like looking for a capsized cruise liner and just seeing a shoal of rocks.

If you listen to the audio transmission, the astronauts should get an Academy Award for acting instead -- if the conspiracy theorists are right. The crew never says "holy cow! look at that spaceship!" Instead, they say, "look at the size of that rock!"

Besides the Apollo photos, you can easily go online and peruse LRO image of the Apollo 16 landing site and go looking for the alleged spaceship on the rim of North Ray Crater.

Remote Viewers See Alien Shipwreck Elements on Moon, Video

To Read the full text and view pictures click here

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